Advising & Registration FAQs

Advising and Registration season is here again! Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about college level, registration times, and advising.

Who is my advisor?

Log in to Student Portal > On the home page, choose the Quick View tab > View Advisor


Where do I check for holds?

Log in to Student Portal > Choose the Home tab > Select Quick View> Holds.


When can I register for classes?

You can register at 12 AM on your registration day. (e.g. If you are a Freshman registering on Thursday, you can register at midnight on Wednesday night.)

Your college level is determined by your number of completed units. All in progress units are not counted in this total. For example, if you have completed 26 units and have 14 units in progress, you are still considered a Freshman. For more information read the section “What determines my college level?”

Monday, November 16th: Seniors

Tuesday, NOvember 17th: Juniors

Wednesday: November 18th: Sophomores

Thursday: November 19th: Freshmen


Where do I register?

Log in to Student Portal > Choose the Registration tab > Select Register Now


How do I get cleared to register?

Your adviser must clear you for registration whether or not you are required to have an advising appointment. Students assigned to the Registrar’s Office are required to meet with an adviser in the Registrar’s Office. Students assigned to faculty must contact them via Jessup email for an appointment. See your registration email for specifics.

ACADEMIC ADVISER= REGISTRAR’S OFFICE: Book your appointment using the MyAdviser Appointment Calendar. ANY of the advisers listed on the calendar IN YOUR MAJOR can clear you for registration.

FACULTY ADVISER: Contact your faculty adviser by Jessup email or sign up in the Faculty Offices. Your faculty adviser must clear you to register.


How do I know if I'm required to make an advising appointment?

You should have received an email with your Appointment Status. This email will specify if you are required to make an appointment.


What determines my College Level?

Your college level is based on your current number of completed units. This does not include in-progress classes. Go to Student Portal > Document Tracking >Degree Audit Form for a detailed evaluation of your progress.

FRESHMAN – Under 30 units

SOPHOMORE – 30-59 units

JUNIOR – 60-89 units

SENIOR – Over 90 units


Where can I find out how many units I have completed?

Log on to Student Portal > Choose Document Tracking > Select Degree Audit Form. It will be on the bottom right of the first page under “Grand Summary>Completed”.


Can I take classes over winter break?

Classes are not offered during the winter break at WJU.