Tax Season – Access Your 2017 1098-T

Tax Season – Access Your 2017 1098-T

Looking for your 2017 1098-T? Here’s how to access it:

  1. If you did not elect to receive your form electronically, 1098-T forms are being sent by mail this week to the billing address on file. The form comes in a half sheet envelope from out of state from our program called Heartland ECSI.
  2. If you did opt to receive the form electronically, you should have received instructions from Heartland ECSI along with a PIN number to retrieve the form. It would have come from this email address:  You could also try to access the form from the main website page:
  3. For questions on how to retrieve the form or to find out where it was sent, please contact Heartland ECSI at 866.428.1098. You can also start a live chat from the home page here


The IRS requires WJU to either report in Box 1, amounts billed, or Box 2, related expenses. WJU reports in Box 2; therefore, Box 1 will be blank.

If you are looking for total payments made, a description of all detail on the student’s bill for the year 2017 is provided below on the form. Please also refer to the billing details in your student portal. 

WJU is unable to provide tax advise on how to use the 1098-t. Payments should be calculated based on guidelines in IRS Publication 970 , page 37+, section 6. Tuition and Fees deduction explains how to claim the deduction. You may find it helpful to print out your student statements to review. Another resource from the IRS on how to use the form can be found here:



Please speak with a tax professional if you have additional questions on how to file using the 1098-T.

Please contact the Student Accounts office with any additional questions you may have at