Summer Housing Payment Information

Summer Housing Payment Information

Interested in Summer housing? If so, please read below!

Payment for Summer housing for the 1st session is due April 23rd, 2018 for $650.00.
Payment for Summer housing for the 2nd session is due June 8th, 2018 for $650.00.
Payment for Summer housing for the 3rd session is due July 21st, 2018 for $325.00.

**If you are a graduating Senior, payment for housing is due for the full semester on 4/23/18.

If you would prefer to split up each Summer session into 2 payments, you may follow the payment schedule presented below (late payments will leave you subject to late fees and may result in Summer housing eviction):

1st session: April 29 to June 9

4/23, $325
5/15, $325

2nd session: June 10 to July 20

6/8, $325 (Friday)
7/1, $325

3rd session: July 21 to August 17

7/20, pay in full $325

**We accept payment in the form of check, cash, or cashiers check in the main office. We also accept e-check payment online at

Please contact with additional questions.