Jessup’s first annual room decorating competition!

How To Enter:

  1. Submit the Participation Agreement Form to the Housing Office by 4:30pm Friday, September 27th. All submitted rooms must be in full compliance with the Residence Life & Housing Policies to qualify.
  2. Email up to five pictures of your room in JPEG format to housing@jessup.edu before 9am Monday, October 7th. Include your name, building, wing, and room number. Subject line: FA-19 Dress Up Jessup.


  1. Most Creative / Stylish
  2. Best use of a Theme
  3. People’s Choice (JessupRLH Instagram)

A panel of judges from Student Life will look through the submission photos and select the top submissions in each category. Judges will then visit the top rooms submitted in each categories above and determine the best winner in each category. Students do not need to be present during the judging. Preliminary judging from photograph submissions will be on Monday, October 7th. Finalists will be notified Tuesday, October 8th. Final judging will take place in person on Wednesday, October 9th. Winners will be announced Friday, October 11th.

There will be one (1) winner per category and a room may only win in one (1) category, with the exception of the People’s Choice on Instagram. Winners in each category will have their rooms photographed by a Jessup employee and these photos will be used to publicize their winning. All residents of winning rooms will receive various prizes and a certificate.

Terms & Conditions:
The Dress Up Jessup competition is open to all undergraduate Jessup students living in Jessup-provided housing. By submitting your room into the “Dress Up Jessup” Competition, you explicitly agree to allow Jessup University the right to use photographs and videos of your room (your submitted photos or photos that a Jessup employee takes) to be used by Jessup in whatever capacity the university desires without expiration to this right. You agree to allow the final judges of the “Dress Up Jessup” competition to access your room in order to determine the winners of all categories. You agree to allow university employees to take photographs of your room for the “Dress Up Jessup” competition. Additionally, you give permission and understand that the public may be able to view one or more photograph(s) online and your names will/may be published online (including social media). You also agree to allow Jessup to print your names as either a winner or participant in various contexts related to the “Dress Up Jessup” Competition. You understand that if your room wins and you are unable to participate in collecting your “prize” when it is offered, there will be no substitution of any sort. All rooms must be in full compliance with the Residence Life & Housing Policies to participate in “Dress Up Jessup.” Rooms not in compliance will be disqualified at any point during the competition. Rooms that are not in compliance with the safety guidelines, forms that do not have all roommate signatures, late submissions, and submissions without photos or with poor quality photos will be automatically disqualified from participating.

Things NOT allowed in your rooms include: Air conditioners, small residence hall (and/or large) sized refrigerators, broiler ovens, electric saucepans, electric skillets, multi-plug extension cords, four-way outlets or “cheater blocks”, hot plates, oil popcorn poppers, deep fryers, fondue pots, space heaters, electric blankets, room fans with dusty blades, and any appliance with an exposed heating unit. Any appliance or surge protector not marked “U/L Approved” is NOT allowed. Please refer to the Residence Life & Housing Policies for the complete list of compliance items.

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