Hold Up… Why Can’t I Register?

Hold Up… Why Can’t I Register?

Do you still have holds on your account? Come to the Learning Commons for more information on how to remove holds.

Or, feel free to read more about them below:

Clearing Holds

Academic Advisor/Faculty Mentor Clearance

A notation of “Not Cleared” indicates that you have not been cleared to register by your Academic Advisor/Faculty Mentor. To see who your Advisor/Mentor is, login to your Student Portal and look at the Quick View tab. Contact your Academic Advisor/Faculty Mentor ASAP to discuss your schedule.

Login to your Student Portal> Quick View tab> Academic Advising

Student Account

A status of “Balance Due” indicates that you have an outstanding balance due to the Student Accounts Office. To find the amount due on your account, login to your Student Portal, select Finances then Billing Account. Make sure you select the term, located in the top right-hand corner, for which you were last enrolled. Once the balance is paid, the hold will be lifted. Contact the Student Accounts Office or check the website to find answers to your questions:

Phone: 916-577-2352

Email: studentaccounts@jessup.edu

Website: Student Accounts

Admissions Status

A “File Incomplete Hold” status indicates that admission documents are still missing from your file.  The incomplete or unofficial document needed can be viewed in your Student Portal under Document Tracking.

Contact Ian Dawson in Admissions to assist you.

Email: admissions@jessup.edu

Phone: 916-577-2222

Financial Aid

A “Financial Aid Hold” status indicates that you have an issue with your Financial Aid documents. Check the Document Tracking tab in your Student Portal to check for missing item(s), and contact your financial aid counselor with have any questions.

Phone: 916-577-2233

Email: finaid@jessup.edu

Website: Financial Aid


A “Housing Status Form Hold” status indicates that you must begin or finish a commuter application, login to the Residence Life & Housing portal. Please refer to the email from housing@jessup.edu for the specifics of what is needed to complete your commuter application.

Phone: 916-577-2321

Email: housing@jessup.edu

Website: Residence Life


A “Chapel Credit Hold” status indicates that you must take action to remove this hold in one of two ways:

Phone: 916-577-2317

Email: mschmidt@jessup.edu

Website: Jessup Campus Ministries