$1,000 Scholarship opportunity! Did you complete an internship in 2019? Apply today!

$1,000 Scholarship opportunity! Did you complete an internship in 2019? Apply today!

Did you complete a for-credit academic internship/fieldwork/practicum in 2019? If you feel that your internship experience has significantly influenced your career decision-making and/or better prepared you for your industry of choice, apply for a scholarship from the California Internship & Work Experience Association.

To apply, students must submit a double-spaced, 12-point font, essay using Word format doc or docx of no more than 750 words, addressing the following topic: “How My Internship Experience  Has Influenced My Career Choice” Students must include a cover page with the essay title, their name, college or university name, and the total number of words in the essay. Without the required formatting and all cover page information, the essay will be disqualified. The essay will be evaluated on how well the student writes to the topic (5 pts.), career impact (5 pts.), creativity (5 pts.), as well as clear and well- written (5 pts.) and level of analysis/reflection (5 pts.). Essays should reflect college-level writing skills. Poorly-written essays or those with numerous errors will not be competitive. Save the essay, along with cover page, with a file name that contains student’s first and last name, the college name, and 2- or 4-year institution. Example: John.Doe.MiraCosta.2 or Jane.Doe.Jessup.4.

Email final essay o any questions to Christy Jewell, Director of Career & Life Planning at cjewell@jessup.edu BY JANUARY 15, 2020

Scholarship awards will be presented in March, 2020 at the CIWEA Annual Conference in San Diego, CA.

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