Alternate Chapel Petition

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 Students who foresee that attending 20 Chapels in the course of a semester may be impossible due to life/work obligations may file an Alternate Chapel Petition at the beginning of each semester. The Alternate Chapel Petition is available during the first two weeks of each semester.  Forms submitted after the deadline will be accepted up to halfway up through the semester for a $25 late fee.  Please contact for more information or to request permission to submit a late form.

If approved, students may be allowed to complete a number of Chapels virtually  by watching chapel videos from the current semester on their own time and writing a 2-page virtual Chapel paper for each. Approved petitions are valid only for the term in which it was requested. A new petition must be submitted for each term.

Before You Begin:

If you are requesting a Chapel accommodation due to work, internship, or student teaching responsibilities, you will need to complete and attach one of the following forms. Please download the form, complete it, and scan it for uploading on Page 3 of the Alternate Chapel Petition. Please complete a form for each situation that applies to you.

Work Schedule Form  |  Internship Schedule Form   |  Student Teaching Observation Form