Chapel Policies and Attendance Requirements


Attendance Requirement

At WJU, each full time (12+ units), traditional undergraduate student is required to attend and participate in the Chapel program. All requirements are outlined below:

  1. Each full time, traditional undergraduate student is required to attend a minimum of 20 out of the 40+ Chapel services offered each semester.
  2. Chapel attendance is a registration requirement. In order to be eligible for the next semester’s registration, students must attend 12 Chapels by the end of week 10 of the semester.
    1. If a student fails to meet this benchmark, a hold will be placed on their account preventing them from registration. The student will then need to work with Campus Ministries in order to have the hold removed.
  3. If a student fails to meet their Chapel requirement, they will be subject the Chapel non-compliance sanctions as explained below in our Chapel policies.

Chapel Policies

We ask all students to comply with the following Chapel policies. If you have any questions that these policies do not answer, please email

Scanning in to Chapel

  1. Students must present their Jessup Student Photo ID at the entrance to Chapel to receive credit.
    1. Please visit the Student Life office if your Student ID is lost or unscanable.
    2. Students who attempt to falsify their chapel attendance or assist others in doing so will be subject to disciplinary actions.
  2. Chapel scanning begins 15 minutes before the start of each Chapel service.
    1. We encourage all students to arrive early to ensure they make it in the doors on time to receive Chapel credit.
  3. Chapel attendance will not be taken after 9:35am at Morning Chapel and 8:05pm at Evening Chapel.
    1. Students arriving more than five minutes late will not receive Chapel credit for that day, however, they are still welcome to attend the Chapel service.


During Chapel

Chapel is a sacred space set aside for the express purpose of encountering God and being encouraged in Christian community.  To protect the integrity, depth, and connectivity of each Chapel service we want to create an environment free from distractions.  For this reason we ask that during Chapel you set aside everything that will pull your attention (and the attention of those around you) away from hearing what God would like to communicate to you.

Please observe the following Chapel policies:  

  1. Texting, games, apps, and social media use on a phone or any other device is not allowed during Chapel as they are a distraction for you and those around you from hearing from God.
    • If you do have pressing business or an emergency you must attend to, a student may leave Chapel for up to 10 minutes to respond to an important missed call or text.  
  2. Headphones are never allowed during the Chapel service.
  3. Laptops are not allowed to be open during Chapel for any reason.
  4. Please keep phones, tablets, and electronic devices in your pocket, purse, or bag unless they are being referenced for Bible reading or sermon notes.
    • The only exception to this is if a speaker or presenter asks you to take out your phone/device to use for a panel, poll, or illustration.
  5. Students are not permitted to move chairs to create their own seating areas.
  6. Tampering with or moving the Chapel perimeter drapery is not allowed.
  7. Students who are distracting themselves or others from focusing in Chapel will be asked to cease this activity immediately and may be asked to leave Chapel altogether, thus losing their Chapel credit for that day.

The discipline of abstaining from phones, devices, homework, and other distractions to focus on God is countercultural, but it WILL be a blessing if you practice it faithfully.  Please respect the heart and purpose of our Chapel services by diligently adhering to these policies.  


Leaving Chapel

  1. Should a student need to step out of Chapel to use the restroom or take a brief important phone call, they must check out using their student ID with the attendance monitor at the Chapel entrance.   The attendance monitor will return the ID when the student returns to Chapel.
    1. If a student abuses this freedom, they may have their Chapel credit taken away for that day.
    2. If a pattern of abuse emerges, the student will be subject to disciplinary actions.
  2. Students leaving early from Chapel with plans to not return must check out with the Chapel monitor at the Chapel main entrance.
  3. Students may only exit Chapel through the main entry and exit doors.  Leaving through the fire exit doors is prohibited.
  4. Students who attempt to leave Chapel without checking out with the Chapel monitor will lose their Chapel attendance credit for that day and be subject to disciplinary actions.
  5. Students who attempt to falsify their Chapel attendance through any means (including sneaking out early, having another student scan their ID on their behalf, etc.) will be subject to disciplinary actions. Cheating or lying to receive Chapel attendance credit will not be tolerated.


Chapel Credit Tracking

It is the responsibility of each student to track their own Chapel credits via their online student portal to ensure they meet the requirement for class enrollment/graduation each semester. We recommend checking your Chapel attendance on a weekly basis in your Student Portal.

If for any reason, you have a Chapel credit missing, please email and include the date, speaker, and brief description of the Chapel message in your email.

  1. Students will have two weeks after a Chapel date to notify Campus Ministries of a Chapel credit missing.
  2. If the student does not notify Campus Ministries within two weeks of the given Chapel date, credit will not be given.

Chapel Petitions

Because there are more than enough Chapel opportunities provided, students will not be excused from Chapels due to sickness, vacation, or other unforeseen absences and should plan their semester accordingly.

Students who foresee that attending 20 Chapels in the course of a semester may be impossible due to life/work obligations may file an Alternate Chapel Petition within the first two weeks of the semester to request an alternate Chapel pathway. Please see the petition for more details.

If you have unique needs or challenges that may impact your Chapel attendance, we would be glad to meet with you to talk about how we can support you. Simply contact


Chapel Attendance for Graduating Seniors

We encourage all students, especially graduating seniors, to make Chapel attendance a priority as they finish their journey at Jessup.  We hope to see all students engage in Chapel until the very end of their time at Jessup as it is a vital part of our spiritual formation investment in their life, especially as they launch out from Jessup to thrive as a transformational leader for Christ in the world.

Should a graduating senior fall short of his or her necessary units to graduate, that individual will encounter enrollment obstacles if they have not attended at least 20 Chapels and may be unable to register for future classes. All students, including graduating seniors, will be subject to Chapel non-compliance sanctions if they fail to meet their Chapel requirement in any given semester.

If a graduating senior has legitimate work, internship, or home responsibilities that may interfere with their ability to attend at least 20 Chapels, they may submit a Last Semester Senior Petition and Campus Ministries staff will consider whether a reduction/exemption of Chapel requirements is appropriate.  Please only submit a Last Semester Senior Petition if you qualify for one of the situations listed on the form.  Attempts to petition out of Chapel for convenience alone will not be approved.


Chapel Shortage Form

Students who do not complete 20 Chapels during the course of the semester can fill out a Chapel Shortage Form in order to meet the Chapel requirement and prevent them from becoming Chapel non-compliant. In order to be eligible for the Chapel Shortage Form, a student must have completed a minimum of 12 Chapels. The form must be filed in the last two weeks of the semester. Upon filing the form, the student will be subject to a $75.00 fee.

If approved, students may be eligible to complete up to 8 chapels virtually by watching Chapel videos from the current semester on their own time and writing a 2-page reflection paper for each. These Chapel reflection papers are due the Sunday after finals week. If a student fails to complete their Chapel reflection papers by this deadline, they will be considered Chapel non-compliant and will be subject to the progressive consequences of Chapel non-compliance sanctions.


Chapel Non-Compliance

Students will be considered Chapel non-compliant if they attended 11 or less Chapels during the semester or failed to complete their Chapel Shortage Form by the stated deadline. A registration hold will be placed on their account and students will be dropped from their classes until sanctions are fulfilled.

  1. Chapel Non-Compliance – Level 1
    1. In a student’s first occurrence of Chapel non-compliance, he/she must:
      1. Sign and complete a Chapel policy acknowledgment and attendance commitment
      2. Pay a $150 Chapel non-compliance fine
  2. Chapel Non-Compliance – Level 2
    1. In a student’s second occurrence of Chapel non-compliance, he/she must:
      1. Sign and complete a Chapel policy acknowledgment and attendance commitment
      2. Pay a $300 Chapel non-compliance fine
  3. Chapel Non-Compliance – Level 3
    1. In a student’s third occurrence of Chapel non-compliance, he/she must:
      1. Sign and complete a Chapel policy acknowledgment and attendance commitment
      2. Pay a $500 Chapel non-compliance fine
      3. Appear before a judicial committee to determine whether it will be permitted for the Student to return to Jessup or whether they will be suspended for one semester

Once the Chapel non-compliance fine has been assessed and the contract of acknowledgment has been signed and submitted, students will have the hold removed from their account and will be able to re-register for classes.