Virtual Chapel Paper Instructions

Step 1: Watch an Online Chapel Video

Please navigate to our online video feed for WJU Chapels and view any Chapel in the current semester that you have not previously attended this semester.

Note: Credit will not be given for viewing Chapel messages from past semesters, so be sure to click on the correct playlist.

Step 2: Write a Chapel Reflection Paper

For each virtual Chapel please write a 2-page reflection paper (double-spaced, 12pt font, 1 in. margins) for every chapel viewed.

Please include a cover page for each paper containing the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Student ID #
  3. Chapel date
  4. Chapel speaker’s name

In the body of the reflection please write 2 full pages:

  1. On page 1 please provide a summary highlighting the focus/content of chapel message
    1. What did the speaker say? What were the most poignant points you heard?  What key Bible verses were used?  (Do not quote the entirety of the Scripture passage in your paper, just the reference)
  2. On page 2 please provide a personal reflection and a personal application of the message
    1. What resonated with you? What did you feel like God was saying to you?  What can you apply to your life?  How will this message shape the way you think or live in the future?

Note:  Papers of insufficient length, depth, or quality will not be accepted until the reflection paper requirements are fully satisfied.

Step 3: Submit your Chapel Reflection Paper Online

Written reflection papers must be submitted using the online submission form. You are welcome to submit papers as you complete them and you may upload several files at once if you choose.