Spiritual Formation Program

Spiritual Formation at Jessup

At William Jessup University we believe that your personal spiritual development is a vital part of your education.  To supplement the Christ-centered teaching in the classroom the Office of Campus Ministries has custom-built a variety of environments to invest in your spiritual life.  We believe every person is created by God to have a personal relationship with Him through the person of Jesus Christ, and the transforming work of the Holy Spirit. Because of this conviction, we are committed to helping each student grow to be a passionate follower of Jesus.

To aid you in this journey, we have optimized three tracks to invest in your spiritual growth:  Discipleship ExperiencesOutreach Experiences, and Organized Christian Service Experiences.

Discipleship Experiences

Spiritual Formation Groups

Jessup’s Spiritual Formation Groups (SFG’s) are small groups of 4-10 students led by faculty, staff, and student leaders that focus on a specific aspect of the Christian faith.  These groups are available to join from your second semester freshman year through the last semester of your senior year. You can sign up for an SFG by topic or group leader during Fall and Spring registration period into the first week of each semester.  Click the link for more information on Spiritual Formation Groups and Small Groups.

Outreach Experiences

Local & Global Outreach

Our belief is that God has equipped each person with a gift to use to make an impact for Jesus in the world, and we are excited to help you discover your place in serving God as He continues to change lives in the world today.  WJU has a number of local outreach partners that we work with to assist them in their unique work in our community and beyond.  In addition to our local efforts, Jessup also equips and mobilizes students on mission around the world in partnership with our global ministry partners.  Global outreach trips are anywhere from 7-21 days long and are traditionally led by Jessup faculty and staff members.  Click one of the following links for more information on Local Outreach or Global Outreach.

Organized Christian Service Experiences

Local Church or Christian Organization Service

Volunteer service in a local church or Christian parachurch organization may qualify for Spiritual Life Credit.  Because this service is intended to be a complimentary partnership with Jessup’s co-curricular Spiritual Formation program only churches and organizations who match our church partnership and organization agreement will be eligible for Spiritual Life credit at Jessup.  Please review the Partnership Parameters document prior to beginning volunteer service that you intend to apply toward Spiritual Life Credit.  Please fill out a Spiritual Life Credit Form and submit it to the Student Life office so that our Campus Ministries team may review and award credit according to the policies and guidelines of the Spiritual Formation program.  If you have any questions please contact campusministries@jessup.edu.

Spiritual Formation Requirements

To monitor each student’s involvement in these three important areas, we created Spiritual Life Credits to give students the freedom to choose when and how they are equipped and discipled during their time at William Jessup University.  Click the following link for Spiritual Life Credits to learn more about the requirements for graduation.  Click this Chapel Policies & Requirements link for more information on Chapel attendance requirements for each semester.