Spiritual Formation Groups

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Spiritual Formation Groups (SFGs)

We believe spiritual growth is meant to take place in a community with other believers.  Our Jessup Spiritual Formation Groups (SFGs) are our version of small groups of 4-10 students formed with the purpose of studying scripture and building relationships on a more intimate level.  We offer a wide variety of groups and topics to help meet students wherever they are at in their spiritual development.

Whether you are looking to explore the Christian faith for the first time, deepen your personal relationship with Jesus and understanding of the Bible, or grow your ability to apply your faith in practical ways, we have a group for you.

Participation in a SFG allows each student to become accountable to a small group, interact with others on tough issues as they relate to the Bible, and support one another through prayer and friendship. Students may register for an SFG through their Student Portal as they would for a class during open registration. Students may choose from a variety of leaders, topics, and time slots (see SFG Catalog for detailed descriptions of next semester’s on campus SFG opportunities).  SFGs are free to all full-time students as a foundational part of our co-curricular Spiritual Formation Program. Each completed semester in a Jessup SFG is worth 2 Spiritual Life Credits.

Take a look at our Spring 2018 SFG Catalog for more information on what is being offered this semester!

SFG Group Credit

A “Credit” or “No Credit” grade will be given at the end of the semester solely based on group attendance. Students who receive semester credit will earn 2 Discipleship Credits towards their total Spiritual Life Credit requirement. Students are welcome to attend more than 1 SFG in a semester but can only receive credit for 1. Students may also receive credit for a qualifying Christian church small group that fulfills the SFG goals and requirements.

Credit for non-Jessup Small Groups

Spiritual Life Credits can be attained during the semester or over the summer for eligible small groups at a local Christian church or Christian para-church ministry that aligns itself with the William Jessup University’s Doctrinal statement, Community Covenant, and Campus Ministry partnership parameters. To ensure that the small group meets Jessup’s Spiritual Life Credit parameters, we recommend contacting the Office of Campus Ministries to verify. This helps eliminate any confusion about what is and is not eligible for credit before the experience is completed.

Like our Jessup SFGs, your small group participation credit is based upon your faithful attendance to the group.  You must attend the small group faithfully and intentionally during the course of the semester or summer in order to receive credit for your small group.

To receive credit for your small group you must submit a  Spiritual Life Credit Form and include the topic of your group, the number of times you attended in the semester/summer, and answer some reflection questions. Your small group leader will also be contacted to verify your faithful participation to the group.

Spiritual Life Credit Forms are due at the end of each semester (or summer term) and may be turned in to the Student Life office no later than the Friday before finals week for eligibility.  Forms for summer discipleship/small groups must be submitted by the Fall add/drop deadline (at the end of the first week of the semester).  A $25 late fee will be assessed for forms submitted after the deadline.

Spiritual Formation Group and Small Group Distinctives

Any SFG or external small groups eligible for credit will:

  1. Make the studying of the Bible and the building of relationship their main objectives in meeting together
  2. Align with WJU’s Statement of Faith, and Community Covenant as well as WJU’s heritage
  3. Be comprised of members 18 years or older (other college peers or adults)
    1. Small group leadership in high school, middle school, or elementary age contexts is considered Christian Service and is eligible for Christian Service Credit, not SFG/Small Group Credit

Leading an SFG at Jessup

If you are interested in learning more about how you can lead an SFG at Jessup contact Campus Ministries at campusministries@jessup.edu for more information. You can take a look at our SFG Leader FAQ here.