Services Provided

As a department, we strive to serve our community both on-duty and off-duty. Below you will find some of the services we provide to our campus:

Campus Safety has personnel dedicated to patrols of the campus 24/7. We are available 24/7 at (916) 521-0776.
Escorts to and from any campus location are available 24/7 by calling the Security Hotline at (916) 521-0776. We encourage you to trust your senses if you feel uncomfortable. Your safety is our main priority. All university members should put the Security Hotline in their contact list for quick access.
Lockout Service
Lockout requests for your dorm room or apartment should first be directed to your RA. Campus Safety should be called as a last resort. Lockout requests for non-resident areas can be directed to the Security Hotline after other potential solutions have been exhausted. Prior authorization may be needed for the officer to respond to the request.
Lost and Found
Campus Safety Officers are trained to retrieve items found during patrols. If an officer picks up a lost item, it will be kept in the Department Office. Campus Safety manages the collection and cataloging of lost items. If you believe you have lost an item on campus, please submit a Lost/Found Request. These reports are reviewed regularly and compared to items placed in our lost and found inventory. Items are retained for a maximum of 60 days.
The Campus Safety department provides regular patrols of university grounds. Both students and employees should keep their ID badges on them at all times, and when possible accompany their guests on campus. WJU is a private university and Campus Safety Officers may ask individuals to account for their use of campus facilities. Those unable to do so may be escorted off campus.
Incident Reporting

Campus Safety Officers are trained in the proper reporting of incidents and emergencies. If you have been involved in a safety or security related incident on campus, please call the Security Hotline and one of our officers will dispatch to your location. Please call if you have been the victim of a crime.

For those wishing to report a crime on their own, or to report anonymously, please see our Anonymous Reporting Form. The listing of contact information is optional.

Roadside Assistance

The Department of Campus Safety only provides specific roadside assistance services such as vehicle jumps and lock out assistance. The following is a list of companies offering towing and additional roadside assistance services.

Ace In The Hole Towing

  • Call: (916) 781-6111
  • Basic roadside service: $55.00 (additional %10 off with student I.D.)

Andrew’s Towing

  • Call: (916) 645-8389
  • Basic roadside service: $50.00

Anderson’s Towing

  • Call: (916) 783-1992
  • Basic roadside service: $55.00-$65.00