Breaking Down Your Professional Experience on a Resume


Educational Media Foundation (KLOVE & Air-1 Radio Networks), Rocklin, CA September 2012-present
Social Networking Team Member—Utilize social media to help build an awareness of KLOVE/Air-1 products. Attend weekly brainstorming meetings. Assigned an event or topic to post about for the week. Responsible for three postings per week. Initiated event groups to help increase awareness and participation of campus-wide programming.
• Contributed to a social media readership increase of over 50%.
• Through strategic postings, contributed to meeting listener and donor target goals for 2013.

Ways to think about your job description:

What’s in it for them? They don’t want to know what you want; they want to know how you can help them achieve company goals. Use the job posting to guide what outcomes you choose to incorporate into your resume.

1. If this is a profit-based organization, they want to know how you will support the growth and advancement of the company through increasing revenue or lowering costs.

2. For non-profit groups, it is essential to focus on matching values, increasing awareness and community outreach, public speaking, and potentially increasing the donor base if the position includes development.

What are your achievements based on responsibilities?

1. What has happened as a result of your contributions?

2. What committees or ideas have you been instrumental in working with? What were the outcomes of your involvement or ideas?

3. Is this relevant and germane to the target position?

4. What are some examples of quantitative and qualitative benchmarks you helped achieve or strive towards? (This is not always obvious. It is okay to estimate as long as it is stated as such. Key words to do this might include: approximately, estimated, predicted)

Ways to assess your achievements and contributions:

• Did you win any awards, receive recognition, bonuses, or praise?

• Were there any problems/issues you identified and remedied? If so, what were the solutions or suggested remedies?

• Did you implement any technological improvements? What was the outcome of them?

• Did your suggestions or change improve any of the following: efficiency, productivity, processes, improve/reduce spending costs (specify by % or #), customer satisfaction, customer attention/retention, employee engagement, employee satisfaction, training techniques and outcomes, quality of product, etc.

• Do you have any documentation of how your performance rates among company standards? (Yearly evaluation?)

• Can your contributions/performance be measured/compared against any coworkers?