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All students participating in off-campus, for-credit classes/activities that are unpaid (i.e. internships, practicum, field work, or student teaching NOT associated with the School of Education) are required to sign up for insurance to protect themselves in the event that they are involved in an accident associated with the class.  While all students already have medical and auto insurance, this acts similar to Workers’ Compensation insurance (since they are not paid, an employer’s Workers’ Comp may not cover them).

Students paid a $40 fee when they registered for the course.  

There is a simple process to sign up/register:
1)  Go to
2)  Click "Register Here" in blue box
4)  They fill in name and email fields, and policy number is 9138613
5)  A password will be sent to their email address, and they can keep or change that 
password. Each student MUST confirm the registration by clicking through the link in 
their email.
6)  From there, all that is recommended is for them to print the ID card to keep with 
them in the event there is an accident.

The $40 fee can be refunded if students provide a letter from the employer, on company letterhead, that indicates they are being paid.