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LinkedIn connects over 530 Million professionals around the world and is the world’s largest professional network on the Internet. Savvy job seekers are wise to create and maintain a professional LinkedIn profile to enhance networking and career opportunities. For assistance on how to make the most of your profile, contact Career and Life Planning staff at

Reputation Management is growing more and more each day as user generated content continues to dominate the Internet. Ensuring that your online reputation is protected is essential, whether trying to get a job, or even go on a date.  The mission of Reputation Management is to educate both individuals as well as corporations as to the best methods to protect and enhance their reputation online.  Please view our featured guides as well as the articles as to the intricacies of reputation management, and how you can use them to your advantage.

Clean Slate Clinic Information

Placer County’s Business Advantage Network in association with Legal Services of Northern California, offers a Clean Slate Clinic monthly the first Wednesday of every month to assist participants in removing or dismissing past convictions from their records. Click here for more information and how to register for the next Clean Slate Clinic.

Understanding Background Checks

Click here to read a the WHYS and HOWS of background checks, and how you can prepare.

What if I have a criminal record?

You always want to be honest about your background when you are applying for a job. Click here to find resources and information about how to move forward.