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    I have read the Clubs and Organizations policy (below) and understand that the approval of this "Intent to Form a Club or Organization" form does not mean that my proposed club is officially recognized, but rather deemed in alignment with the William Jessup University club policy, mission statement, covenant, and student handbook.

William Jessup University Club Policy
Types of Clubs
All clubs and organizations that are approved by William Jessup University must categorize themselves as one of three types:

Clubs whose membership and activities are predominantly centered around a particular academic discipline, course of study, or professional interest.

Clubs whose mission is to enhance the spiritual life on campus and the surrounding community.

Clubs whose activities revolve around an out-of-classroom interest.

The ultimate mission of William Jessup University Clubs and Organizations is to promote community through common interests within our campus. WJU will not approve clubs or organizations that are underwritten by professional organizations that are aimed at social advocacy outside of our direct community (political parties, ethical issues, etc.)

Approval of New Clubs
• All requests for any type of official student group will be reviewed for consistency with the University Mission Statement, Community Covenant, Student Handbook, and University position statements. Requests to form student groups that endorse positions that contradict the university’s identity and mission or violate the student code of conduct, will not be approved.

• Clubs or Organizations that are connected with a national organization will go through a careful vetting process of the national organizations mission, literature, social media and other informative documents. If the national organization is found to contradict the university’s identity and mission, this club will not be approved while underwritten by that particular organization.

• The Office of the Provost holds final authority to grant, deny, suspend, or revoke approval of any student organization.

Returning Clubs
• Clubs and Organizations who wish to continue meeting the following year must submit a club continuation form. Returning clubs will not be allowed to advertise on campus, reserve space on campus, or receive funds from Student Government until the form is received and approved by Student Life. Acting under the affiliation of a WJU club without the continuation form may result in a probationary term for the club or organization.
Appeal of Club Policy

• In the event that a group would like to appeal the approval or denial of a club, all appeals must be in writing containing any extenuating circumstances or evidence that is believed to be applicable and presented to the Director of Community Life in Student Life.

• The appeal will be reviewed by Student Life and if necessary, a representative of the Provost office. The person(s) who submitted the appeal will be notified of the decision in writing within 7 business days.

• The Office of the Provost holds final authority in response to appeals.

Club Funds
• Funding for clubs will be allocated by Student Government. Clubs must submit a Request for Club Funds BEFORE the funds are spent, or a reimbursement may not be issued.

• Fundraising outside of the allotted fund from Student Government must be documented on the Fundraising/Donor Request Form through the WJU Development Office.

• If the funds provided are being used in a way that contradicts the mission and statements of the university, the club or organization is at risk for having their privileges revoked.
Expectations of Club Members

• All clubs and organizations are sponsored by the university and therefore a representation of William Jessup University. All members of clubs and organizations are expected to uphold the values of the university and exhibit strong, moral character.

• William Jessup University will not maintain university recognition for clubs that discriminate based on race, ethnicity, gender, or age.

Expectations of Faculty/Staff Advisors
• Club advisors are necessary in identifying the club goals and aid the members and officers by clarifying their responsibilities within the group.

• Faculty/staff advisors are required to be present at a minimum of two meetings per month.

• Faculty/staff advisors are expected to attend at least one Club activity a month.

• Faculty/staff advisors should have specified times during which the Club members may consult with you.

• Advisors must be available to assist in the transition between incoming and outgoing officers.

Outside Members
• Clubs and Organizations at William Jessup University are meant to be enjoyed by the students, staff, and faculty of the University. Therefore, outside members will not be allowed to act as officers, voting members, or benefit from club funds supplied by Student Government.

• The club or organization assumes the risk and responsibility in the event that an outside member behaves in a way that is contrary to the University covenant or student handbook, which can result in the suspension or termination of the club or organization.