Current Clubs and Organizations at WJU

ASL Club

1. To have fun and support the use of sign language for any interested student or community member at any level. You do not need to know any sign language to be able to come to the club meetings.
2. To support the Deaf community through outreach at Deaf Events in the local area.


Business Club

Business Club’s mission is to inform, support and inspire college students to be entrepreneurial and seek opportunity through enterprise creation.  The Business Club students will learn, connect, serve and launch by providing a forum to learn about entrepreneurship, practice what they learn, explore new ideas, connect with the community and serve others.


Environmental Club

Our mission is to educate, learn, and grow spiritually in our call to care for the environment. In Genesis 2:15 (NIV), God placed us on earth to “work it and take care of it.” We will emphasize continuous environmental improvement, promote reuse, reducing and recycling, and commit to communication and interaction with the Jessup community.


Jessup Psychology Club

The purpose of Jessup Psychology Club is to promote academic excellence in the psychology department by providing resources and opportunities for its current and alumni students.


Justice Coalition

Our goal is to help raise awareness about social injustices, and educate one another about how to be the voice for those who have none. We aim to get William Jessup plugged in with our community, as well as to get our community plugged in with Jessup! We are partnered with several local organizations to help spread awareness.

Areas where we focus:
Human Slavery
Sexual Violence
Sex Trafficking
Police Brutality
Violations of Human Rights

How can you help in the midst of your busy schedule? Whether you want to work with an organization directly, join us at normal meeting times, or get involved on your own free time, we have tons of opportunities for you to get involved!


Kinesiology Club

To provide Jessup students interested in Kinesiology with opportunities of:

  • Leadership
  • Hands on Experience
  • Seminars

that promote professional growth, development, communication, and knowledge in the areas of health, physical education, kinesiology, sports med and recreation.


Visual Arts Club

We are a place for creative people to come together and network. We create a place where you can grow through different mediums; audio, video, graphics, photo, and more. All interested are welcome. We want to create cool stuff together, bring in experts in the fields, and be a place everyone can grow. Please join us!


International Life Club

Our mission is to see people from radically different backgrounds become disciples of Jesus Christ.

On campus: we meet every Wednesday afternoon in the commons to chat over a cup of tea. It is time for sharing life, fellowship and prayer.

Off-campus: we work with International Life to share the gospel with international exchange students and immigrants in Sacramento area. You can find out more about International Life through


League of Legends Club

Meetings take place every other Friday at 3pm in ACAD104


Veteran’s Club

We provide support, resources and activities for our returning military men and women and their family members.


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