Fundraising Policy and Procedures

The university has established a Fundraising Policy for all departments.  From dorm events to student trips the policy applies to all fundraising efforts. With a growing campus, there are multiple fundraising efforts being made.  WJU wants to be sure that there is a campus-wide notification of fundraising for a variety of reasons, including: phone calls received, press releases, accounting and donor interest.

Take a moment to review the Fundraising Procedures which provides step by step instructions for your fundraising campaign, and the Gift Acceptance Policy.

Once you have a general idea of your method for fundraising, complete the Fundraising Form and look for an email response from Development for approval. The turnaround approval time is 5 business days.

Once approval has been granted to receive donations, use the Donation Deposit Form for submittal of all proceeds to the Business Office.

Need Some Examples? Try looking at the documents below for help.

Sample Fundraising Letter

Sample Response Card