Meal Plans

Meal Plan Policy

Please be aware of the following meal plan policy required for living on campus.

All campus residents are required to participate in a campus meal plan and must elect a plan from the list of available options corresponding to their housing assignment.  Exceptions may be made for medical reasons, with written and verified explanation by a doctor, and with the approval of the Accommodations Committee.

Food service will not be available during Thanksgiving, Christmas break, or spring break.

Residents will receive the amount of their chosen meal plan as credit on their University Student ID card to be used for the purchase of food with Bon Appetit starting with dinner on the Sunday before classes begin. The student may make use of the Bon Appetit block meals or flex dollars to pay for guest meals. All credits towards weekly meal plans will be voided on the last day of finals at the end of each term. All credits towards flex plans will be voided upon the close of the Academic year.


MEAL PLANS 2017-2018

  • If you have not started/completed your housing or commuter application you may select a meal plan through your housing portal here.
  • If you have completed a housing or commuter application and would like to change your meal plan do so here.
  • Meal Plan Change Deadlines:
    • Fall 2017: August 11
    • Spring 2018: December 29

Here is the meal plan cost sheet for the 2017-2018 academic year:

Meal Plan Grid 16-17 for Housing and Dining