Disability Support Services’ Online Orientation and Student Responsibilities


Success Center Online Orientation and Certification of Completion


Please view the Online orientation. When have completed the orientation download and print the certificate of completion. Turn in your certificate of completion to Disability Support Services staff.

Disability Support Services Online Orientation

LINK: Online Orientation

Disability Support Services’ Online Orientation Certificate of Completion

LINK: Online Orientation Certificate of Completion

Student Responsibilities

Email communication

    Disability Support Services uses email to communicate with students on many important matters. Email is often the only way some information is distributed, so it is important that you regularly check your university email address or forward mail from your WJU address to an address you check frequently. You are responsible for knowing — and, when appropriate, acting on — the contents of all university communications sent to your official WJU email account.

Your choice to disclose a disability

    Disability information is a private matter. You are not obligated to request services for a disability if you do not want to. It is important to think about the pros and cons of sharing your disability. Often, sharing a disability may create greater understanding and build a stronger relationship between you and a friend, a roommate, or an adviser. It also opens the door for you to get accommodations and find resources that may be helpful from Disability Support Services.

Requesting Accommodations

    A student with a disability is responsible for requesting accommodations through the Disability Support Services. Disability Support Services will not seek students out. A student with a disability is also responsible for providing acceptable documentation of his or her disability.

Requesting Accommodations in a Timely Manner

    The required documentation and request for accommodations must be made within a sufficient amount of time for the college to arrange accommodations. It may take at least two weeks for the college to implement accommodations.

Communicating any problems with accommodations

    Students must report to the disability support services office in a timely manner, regarding any problems that arise with respect to the provision of reasonable accommodations.

Alternate Book Formats and Book Receipts

    In order to receive alternate formats for your textbooks, publishers are requesting that we collect the original receipt of purchase. You will be asked to provide receipts to Disability Support Services before you can receive alternate formats of your textbook