Gaming Policy

While the primary purpose of the William Jessup University Network is to support instruction and academic activities, Jessup does not prohibit the use of the residential network for gaming provided these activities do not interfere with the primary purposes and security of the network.

WJU’s use of private IP addressing and Network Address Translation (NAT) is for everyone’s security. Most internet games work quite well via NAT but there are some games or other internet software that does not work over NAT. In particular, NAT does introduce difficulties for some games on some gaming consoles that use Peer to Peer (P2P) technologies. These P2P technologies are not designed to be used in an enterprise NAT environment. They work well in home networks because there are usually one or two of them on a given home network. At WJU, we have thousands of users and potentially hundreds of game consoles behind our NAT firewall. At this time, it is not possible to configure our firewall to permit the necessary traffic for these P2P systems to work while maintaining everyone’s security.

Please know that we will continue to review and update this policy as technologies grow and change.