Mobile Device Policy

TECH-1.02 Mobile Device Usage

William Jessup University shall not fail to administer policy and procedures that guide university owned mobile device usage.


WJU provides mobile devices to some employees whose department or position necessitates.  Such devices may include laptops, mobile phones, tablets, wireless access devices, accessories, etc. University owned mobile devices are intended for business-related use. Occasional, brief personal use is permitted within a reasonable limit.

Employees are prohibited from incurring any fees or charges as a result of personal used of university-provided devices and subsequently billing those fees and charges to the University, including the cost of unapproved software applications and programs. If laptop, mobile phone, tablet computer, accessory and service fees or charges result from personal use of university-provided equipment, the user is responsible for making payment for those fees and charges and any related billing costs. Users are prohibited from installing unapproved software on university-provided devices. Employees shall refrain from downloading additional software and services, including distinctive ring tones, games and other applications. No sensitive, proprietary, or confidential information is to be stored on mobile devices at any time. This includes, but is not limited to, un-encrypted lists of WJU passwords and data.

If a university-provided mobile devices is lost, stolen or misplaced, the user much notifies the WJU IT Helpdesk at regardless of time of day or day of week so that appropriate steps can be taken to suspend device’s voice and data services.

University-purchased laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and wireless access devices/hotspots remain in the perpetual possession and ownership of the University. Mobile devices and the devices telephone number are provided to the end user only while in the employment of the University.

Employees who have access to a cell phone while in their cars must remember that their primary responsibility is driving safely and obeying the rules of the road. Employees are prohibited from using cell phones to conduct business while driving.