Student IT Tips

An informational resource on email, calendars, networks,  the IT Help Desk, answers to frequently asked questions, and much more.

Is it better to bring a laptop or a desktop?
We support both laptops and desktops however most students use laptops. This is easiest for taking notes in class, and working on homework around campus.

What kind of computer access will I have if I don’t bring a computer to Jessup?
We have 2 computer labs on campus, and computers available to students in the library. The ACAD100 classroom is our computer lab with PCs, and the Media Lab upstairs in the library is a computer lab with all Macs.

Will I need my own printer?
You do not need to bring your own printer but students have in the past. Each semester you will be allotted a print balance for b/w and color prints. If you use up the entire amount, you can purchase more in the library.

What if something goes wrong with my computer?
Our Helpdesk is here to help! You can bring your computer in to the IT office and we can take a look at it. Our office is open Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm.

What network access is available from residence halls?
We have wifi throughout the entire campus. This includes residence halls, classrooms, dining halls, the music and study halls.

May I bring my own wireless access point (router)?
No, we do not support this on campus. If they are used, the IT team will remove the router’s access to the network.

How do I access my Jessup email?
Navigate to and sign in using your student username and unique password

What Apps are availible to help my education?

The apps that we recommend are: G-mail, Moodle, and Google Calendar

Does Jessup backup my computer files or provide a way to do that?
We do not back up computer files. Students will receive a gmail account that has unlimited storage. We encourage students to use this as a back up. Students are able to keep their account once graduated.

How to set up your email account on a mobile device:
Go into the “Settings” app.
Select “Mail, Calendars, Contacts”.
Select “Add New…”.
Select “Gmail”.
Enter account info. Be sure to include “” as part of your username.
Select “Confirm”
Can I get a job working with IT?
We post for student worker positions (part time) at the beginning of semesters where we need more student worker coverage.

I still have a question after reading this guide. How can I reach IT?
Please email! We are here to help and can answer any other questions you might have.