Test Proctoring Times

Test Proctoring Times

If you receive Success Center testing accommodations and would like to schedule all of your tests and quizzes ahead of time, please email proctoring@jessup.edu with a list, including course name, instructor name, class time, and test dates for each class you would like accommodations for.

Test proctoring is available for two groups of students; (1) students who receive academic accommodations and (2) students who receive instructor approval. Instructor approval may be granted because of students missing an exam or quiz due to university sanctioned events (music concerts and athletic events).

IMPORTANT: Retake and make-up exams that are due to non-university sanctioned events are generally unavailable for proctoring through the Learning Commons. Notify your instructors of proctoring needs due to illness and/or other emergencies and the two of you can arrange a proctoring time with one another.

Scheduling an Appointment

To book appointments, please visit the Learning Commons front desk or the online schedulerYou will need to register first if you haven’t already done so. Please use your same Jessup login username and password. Once you select the appropriate calendar, choose a time slot that works for you.

  • Students must also give their instructors verbal notification of their request.
  • Please submit your request a week before your quiz/exam.
  • This scheduling means that students with testing accommodations may not be able to take their exams on the original date or class time. We do ask that students take their exam either the day before, the day of, or the day after the original in-class exam date.

Proctoring location

  • Meet at the Learning Commons front desk on the first floor of the Library.

Day of testing

  • Arrive 15 minutes early to check-in for your proctoring appointment. Testing begins exactly on time. No late arrivals will be allowed entry; late arrival will require rescheduling.
  • Students must present a valid photo ID to the proctor.
  • Students must bring their own pencils, pens, or blue books when required.
  • Students may use a scratch paper provided by the testing center, if allowed by the instructor. The scratch paper must be turned into the proctor with the exam prior to leaving the testing area.

For more info, email proctoring@jessup.edu

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