Summer Boot Camp

Summer Boot Camp

How would you like to boost your writing skills and test out of  ENGL-092?

Writing Boot Camp is a three-week hybrid course designed for Jessup students who want to boost their writing skills and gain the confidence needed to become prepared for college-level writing. In three weeks’ time, students can gain the skills needed to test out of ENGL 092 and be eligible for ENGL 101A in the fall. The class runs from Monday, August 3, to Thursday, August 20.

The course is a mixture of online and in-person study, with two weeks of online course work and one week of in-person class. In addition to the one week, in-person tutoring support will also be made available to students to workshop their skills with the Writing Center. For those unable to attend the in-person workshops, online resources will be made available.

Registration fee: $100. Tuition is waived for students enrolled in Freshmen or Transfer Academy.


  • Gain confidence needed to successfully write college-level essays.
  • Write organized essays controlled by a strong thesis.
  • Develop and expand ideas that are supported by a variety of relevant details and support.
  • Construct sentences that demonstrate control of grammar, sentence variety, word choice, and conventions of standard written English.


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