I can’t open my box, can someone just take the mail out for me?

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to take any mail out of boxes, unless the mail is signed out. This is only allowed for students who have broken boxes, and have completed a Maintenance Request Form. Otherwise, we can assist students in opening their boxes whether we give students their combination or coaching them through the process of opening the box.

I received an email from USPS tracking/UPS Tracking/Amazon telling me my package has arrived. When do I get it?

Student Mail is processed after Faculty/Staff Mail has been sorted. We cannot hand out packages until they have been logged into the Mail Center Database. As soon as that happens, students and faculty/staff will receive an email confirming that their package has arrived.

We understand that you may have something that you absolutely need (books, medicine, money, etc.) and we encourage parents and students to send these ahead of time so students are not scrambling to receive their letters/packages.

I forgot my ID Card, can I still get my package?

With the new electronic system the Mail Center is using, students need to have their Student I.D to pick up packages. The Mail Center is open Mondays -Fridays from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm and packages can be picked up anytime in this time frame.

My parents put the wrong mailbox number on my package/letter, will I receive it?

Before putting mail into mailboxes the Mail Attendants will check the name with the mailbox to ensure it is the right person. Take note that mail for spouses or family members are not meant for Student Mail Boxes and will be placed in the Unknown/Grad Mail if the names do not match.

I received mail with my mailbox number, but it’s not my name. What do I do with it?

This is common throughout the year since WJU Alumni have had the same mailboxes on campus. If this were to happen simply scratch out the box number, write RTS on the envelope, and put in the mail slot as Outgoing Mail, and the Mail Clerk will take care of it.

I forgot my mailbox number and combination.

No problem! Bring your I.D card to the Mail Clerk on duty, and he/she will get that information for you.



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