The Mail Center Staff hope you are remaining healthy and safe during this time. Due to CDC guidelines, our business hours have changed. We will be delivering University mail and packages between 12-2pm. Our open hours for students are Monday-Friday 2pm-4pm until further notice. Feel free to email questions and concerns to mailcenter@jessup.edu 

For more information on the university’s updates on COVID-19 please click the links below.

Residence Life and Housing

Student Care

Campus Ministries

University Coronavirus Information

Summer Hours
Package pick-up hours*

Monday – Friday 10:00am -4:00pm

Saturday 10am-12pm

Academic Year hours-while school is in session
Package pick-up hours*

Monday – Friday 9:00am -4:00pm

Saturday 10am-12pm

Closed during chapel Wednesday and Friday mornings 9:20-10:30am
*closed during chapel and holidays; hours subject to change during winter, spring and summer breaks