Student Mail Services

  • My Mailbox

    All full-time students (12 units or more) receive a mailbox on the day they register. Mailboxes are used for any incoming letters and packages from any postal services, returned course work, and any other paperwork from University Employees. This is the mailbox the student will keep during his/her duration as a full time student at William Jessup University.

    Mail addressed to students should be written as shown:

    2121 University Ave., Box #_______
    Rocklin, CA 95765

    Opening Mailboxes

    Each student mailbox has its own unique mailbox combination formatted as: ##-##-##

    To open student mailboxes follow these steps:

    Step 1: Turn lock once COUNTERCLOCKWISE (left) to the FIRST number.
    Step 2: Turn lock ONCE around CLOCKWISE (right) passed the FIRST number to your SECOND number of your combination.
    Step 3: Turn lock COUNTERCLOCKWISE (left) directly to THIRD number
    Step 4: Turn lock CLOCKWISE as you feel the lock stick and pull open

    If a student does not remember his/her combination, combinations can be found on the > Student Portal > Doc Tracking.

    Broken Mailboxes

    Student Mailboxes are broken if:

    • Locks stick
    • Locks will not turn
    • Locks open on number different from combination

    Fill out a “Fix – It” Request Form and you will be notified when the mailbox is fixed.

    Sending and Receiving Letters and Packages

    Receiving Letters

    Mail is distributed to student mailboxes anytime from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm. This is subject to change depending on when mail is delivered by postal services.
    Mail Clerks may not take items from mailboxes for students. Appropriate actions will be taken for those boxes that are broken.
    Letters and packages can be sent out via USPS, UPS, and FedEx.

  • Picking Up Packages

    When you receive a notification through your Jessup Gmail Account, bring your Student I.D to the Mail Clerk, sign out your package and then you may receive your package.
    NOTE: The Mail Center has the right to refuse package retrieval to any student who does not have their Student I.D at the time of pick-up.

    Sending Letters and Packages

  • General Policies

    Federal Regulations & Security

    • Tampering with boxes and mail items is against the law
    • Locked access to mail center is for the safety and security of postal items and mail center staff. Please do not enter mail center unless authorized to do so by mail attendant.
    • Students may not use their mailboxes as a business to sell merchandise. This is illegal and will result in involvement with Campus Security.
    • Drugs, Weapons, and any other illegal objects will not be shipped from or to student mailboxes.
    • Mail attendants have the right to ask for identification or to refuse the retrieval of packages for lack of identification (especially in cases where they do not know the recipient /addressee). Those picking up a package for another employee must present a signed note from the recipient granting the individual permission to retrieve the package on their behalf.
    • Unclaimed or non-addressed mail is subject to opening to investigate the owner/recipient.
    • Unclaimed mail after 3 months may be shredded or returned to sender.
The Mail Center sells postage for USPS and UPS and can assist with preparing letters and packages to be sent to the preferred postal service. Letters and packages can be sent out with most postal services.

Supplies available for purchase at the Mail Center:

  • Padded Envelopes (various sizes)
  • Business Letter Envelopes
  • Manila Envelopes
  • Brown Boxes (various sizes)

Priority Envelopes and boxes are available and only postage must be paid.