University Mail Services (Employees)

Available Services

United States Postal Services

  • First Class Mail
  • Priority Mail and Priority Flat Rate Mail
  • Express Mail
  • International Mail
  • Media Mail
  • Library Mail (Library only)
  • Certified Mail
  • Signature Confirmation
  • Delivery Confirmation
  • Return Receipt


  • See mail center for options

Fed Ex

  • See Mary in the Administration Office

Policies and Procedures

Letters and packages are delivered once per day. Times depend on when deliveries from the postal service arrive but typically occur between 11:00am-2:00pm.


Mail Clerks begin picking up outgoing mail from the Administration office at 3:00 pm. USPS picks up the mail we process between 4:00 pm – 4:30 pm.


Mail is typically delivered by FED EX, USPS and UPS between the hours of 11:00 am – 2:00 pm.

Incoming packages are delivered to each department and mail is delivered  the mail boxes in the Administration building.

When receiving packages, the recipient must sign out the package to confirm delivery by the Mail Clerk. If the recipient is unavailable the receptionist or front desk worker will sign for the package.

General Policies

Federal Regulations & Security

    • Tampering with boxes and mail items is against the law
    • Locked access to mail center is for the safety and security of postal items and mail center staff. Please do not enter mail center unless authorized to do so by mail attendant.


    • Fliers placed in student mail boxes must be approved prior to distribution.
    • Because of our limited staffing, a member of the department issuing fliers should be available to assist in the distribution or requests for distribution should be made in advance to allow time for distribution to occur.

Mail attendants have the right to ask for identification or to refuse the retrieval of packages for lack of identification (especially in cases where they do not know the recipient /addressee). Those picking up a package for another employee must present a signed note or an email must be sent to from the recipient granting the individual permission to retrieve the package on their behalf.

Unclaimed or non-addressed mail is subject to opening to investigate the owner/recipient.

Unclaimed mail after 3 months may be shredded or returned to sender.

No Bag Process Procedures

All mail pieces must be labeled with barcode (labels, printed on envelope, or laminated bar code card). Please deposit daily mail in your department tray or mail bucket by the collection time.

  • You have been provided with labels, a laminated bar code as well as an e-mailed soft copy of your department barcode and label template with this information

Department trays are located in the Administration building above the department/employee inboxes.

Afternoon collection will take place at 3:00pm. Mail pieces should be in the department tray by 3:00 PM or they will be processed the next business day.

Bulk, Special, or parcel mailings that do not fit in your department tray should be rubber banded with laminated department barcode card on top and placed in to the bulk mail/ parcel collection bin.

Bag Process Procedure

One bag has been provided to each department with the corresponding department barcode attached. Please deposit daily outgoing mail into this bag and drop your bag into the collection bin by collection time.

The bag collection bin is located in the Administration Building underneath department/employee inboxes.

Afternoon collection will take place at 3:00PM.  Bags not placed in the collection bin may be processed the next business day.

Mail Preparation

Standard Mail Piece Preparation

DEPARTMENT BARCODES ARE MANDATORY FOR ALL STANDARD MAIL PIECES – Not only for outgoing/accounting purposes, but for sorting mail being returned to the university.

Standard mail pieces  are all letter/mailing envelopes, flats, and parcels made of printable paper numbering fewer than 250.

Like pieces should be banded together to prevent damage to the mail piece

  • Sealed envelopes with other sealed envelopes
  • unsealed envelopes with other unsealed envelopes

The postage machine will not seal flat size envelopes that open from the end.

Please always write or have your department code printed on the address label 

Items not properly coded  may be returned or delayed.

Bulk Mail Piece Preparation

Bulk = 500+ pieces that fit the following description:

  • Envelopes, flats, and postcards of standard paper and uniform size (such as letter envelopes or all flats with the same contents, etc) and weight numbering 500 pieces or more.
  • Notification of bulk mailings must be made at least 5 business days in advance. Bulk mail should not be dropped off in the mail center without first notifying the Mail Center Supervisor (x2327) or the Mail Center Student Clerk (x2312)
  • Failure to properly notify the mail center may result in a delay of your bulk mailing.
  • Departments may request an empty mail bin for their bulk mail pieces, and must attach their Department code to the top when returning the job for postage printing.

Special Mail Piece Preparation

Special Mailings = 250+ pieces that fit in the following description: 

  • Envelopes, flats, and postcards of special paper or non machinable sizes that require specialty stamps, processing and/or other supplies to send.
  • Some paper types/textures will not process through the postage machine
  • Notification of special mailings must be made at least 10 business days in advance. Special mail should not be dropped off in the mail center without first notifying the Mail Center Supervisor (x2327) or the Mail Center Student Clerk (x2312).