My.Jessup Tips : Better Buttons

My.Jessup Tips : Better Buttons

It’s fast an easy to make consistent and nice looking buttons on your pages. All you need to do when editing or adding a page is use this bit of code (called a shortcode) to make neat-o lookin’ buttons.

[button color="red" link="#"]Red[/button]
  1. Simply, copy and past the above shortcode into the page content where you want your button.
  2. Replace the “#”, making sure to leave the quotation marks on either side, with the actual URL ( http://… ).
  3. Change the text “Red” right before the [/button] to the word(s) you’d like your button to say.

Here’s an example which simply links to this page:

This Page

In this example I changed:

  1. # to
  2. Red to This Page

Red is not the only color you can use. Below you will find a complete list of button shortcode color options. Pro tip: medium is not the only size you can use, remove medium to make your button small, replace medium with the text large to make your button large.

[button color="red" link="#"]Red[/button]
[button color="bittersweet" link="#"]Bittersweet[/button]
[button color="coral" link="#"]Coral[/button]
[button color="orange" link="#"]Orange Peel[/button]
[button color="celery" link="#"]Celery[/button]
[button color="blue" link="#"]Havelock Blue[/button]
[button color="cerulean" link="#"]Cerulean[/button]
[button color="eastern" link="#"]Eastern Blue[/button]
[button color="terracotta" link="#"]Terracotta[/button]
[button color="pink" link="#"]Hot Pink[/button]
[button color="cranberry" link="#"]Cranberry[/button]
[button color="sunset" link="#"]Sunset Orange[/button]

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