Easy Content Tabs on Your My Jessup Pages

Easy Content Tabs on Your My Jessup Pages

Tabs are a great way to present related content that’s too short for its own page but too long to place in paragraphs. Tabs add nice visual appeal to your page while helping your end user find the section of content that’s most useful to them. Luckily, My Jessup makes creating tabs fairly easy. Simply copy and past the below shortcode into your pages content and a tabbed area will be created for you. To change the title of the each tab look for the text title=”…” and replace everything in between the quotes to whatever text you’d like to use for your tab title. Replace the words Content 1, Content 2 and so on, with your content. That’s it. You can have as many tabs as you’d like simply by repeating the [tab title="Title 3"]Content 3[/tab] pattern. Here is the code you need to copy:


[tab title="Title 1"]Content 1[/tab]
[tab title="Title 2"]Content 2[/tab]
[tab title="Title 3"]Content 3[/tab]


  • I replaced the text “Content 1” with this text here.
  • “Content 2” was replaced, with this text.
  • This is where it used to say “Content 3”.
  • This is my fourth tab.

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