Heart of a Warrior

Heart of a Warrior

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William Jessup University prides itself on its students who come from all walks of life. They have gone through trials big and small to get to this point in their life. We are proud of our students and their stories.

To show our pride and appreciation to our students, William Jessup likes to produce short films featuring students and their stories. We love to know and share these life journey and how these students have gotten to this point in their life.

We also know that some people do not know how inspiring they and their stories are. We need help from our entire student body to bring all of these amazing stories to the light for current students, prospective students, and our community.

Please take a moment and think about someone you know at Jessup who’s story has inspired you and about what makes them unique.

Think about what gives them the heart of a warrior.

Then fill out a form here to elect your inspiration to have their story featured in the Heart of a Warrior Campaign.

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