Chapel Announcement Submission

Chapel Announcements are one of many ways to get the word out on campus.  Due to the volume of requests and the limited amount of slots we will do our best to accommodate each request based on its timeliness, relevance, and scope.

Remember advertising through the WJU Update is only one of the ways to promote your event. To gain maximum awareness there is no substitute for personal invitations, word of mouth, and campus-wide signage.  

Announcement requests must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the desired announcement date in order to give appropriate time for production and scheduling. 

The Chapel Announcement Submission Form is used to request the following two options:

  1.  WJU Weekly Update Promotion Video:   This will be announced by our video host in the main portion of the Weekly WJU Update Video.
  2. Submit Your Own Video:  This is a short, high quality, clear video shot and edited by you or your team.  (Note: There are standards that must be met for these videos to be shown on screen and in Chapel.  See below for details.)
    • These submissions must meet the following requirements:
      • 30 sec max in length
      • Must be submitted at least two weeks prior to when you would like your video to run.
      • Must be approved by for quality and Chapel leadership team for content.
      • Click here for detailed Requirements to get your video approved.

If you have any questions please email, or