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Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences (FNAS)

Our Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences is dedicated to developing a generation of scientists, educators and practitioners of high character and high competency in various fields of science.  Together we are building a distinctively Christ-centered science program that aims to educate, mentor and send out exceptionally employable graduates that will impact their chosen field, the people they serve, and the communities we live in.

Our vision is to challenge students to develop academic character, relational values, and commitment to lifelong learning by fostering integrative cognitive responsiveness and practical applications of reasoning, within the partnership of a Christ centered perspective.

Our mission is to establish an atmosphere of intellectual collaboration dedicated to educational excellence, spiritual maturity, and commitment to service.

Our teaching overflows from our own love for Christ and our Gospel-motivated use of our knowledge and abilities to serve the world around us.  We emphasize unity amidst our diversity, and science founded in faith.  We are motivated to do high quality scientific work and glorify God in all that we do.

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