A Lesson from Kelp for Difficult Days

Wave… after wave… after wave…

Picture1I spent Saturday exploring the tide pools of Bodega Bay  with my oldest daughter.  Among the tremendous diversity of the organisms adapted to the harsh lifestyle where temperature and salinity as well as exposure to sun, waves and predators changes drastically on an hourly basis, are the kelp.  Some species of kelp can grow over twelve inches a day, exposing themselves to the continual action of the waves.  Wave… after wave… after wave…

I spent Monday morning feeling a bit like kelp.  Hit by another wave pounding our society, this time a shooting in a small church in Texas.  Perhaps this one hits closer to home because the news hit about the time my own family of seven stepped out of our own time of worship, peace and refreshment in church.  Add such major events to the less-acute but equally damaging daily struggles of to do lists, family responsibilities, work demands and personal challenges, and we are wearied by the winds and the waves of these days.

elwha-kelp1-225x300Maybe it was no accident that I took a picture of the kelp on Saturday, not only to share with you on Monday but to remind myself.  In the midst of all the pounding of the waves, one thing keeps the kelp anchored to the rock – the holdfast.  No matter how big and how many waves come, the holdfast remains.

Hebrews 10:23 says “Let us  hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.”

Days like today should cause us to cling to hope.  Hope stabilizes.  Hope endures.  Hope causes us to look up to Christ and not just around around at circumstances.  Hope keeps us going today.  Hope is not some theoretical or abstract term.  Our hope is a reality.  Our hope enables us to endure the daily wind and waves that threaten to pull us away.

So where is your hope today?  How will you hold fast?  Don’t look at the waves, look at the Rock and reach out a bit further.  Hold fast, my friends, like kelp.



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