WJU Policy Manuals

WJU policies posted here are categorized under the following branches.  Some policies may be found in more than one branch, as applicable.  You can search by category or by policy.

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Purpose of WJU Administrative, Academic, and Operational Policies]

  • Policy identifies standards and boundaries that the University holds.
  • Policy guides actions towards those that are most likely to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Policy exists to help ensure that our core values are reflected in our day-to-day operations.
  • Policy helps ensure that our practices are in compliance with requirements set by regulatory/legislative bodies.
  • Policy helps protect the University and its stakeholders.

What is a Policy at WJU?
In general, a policy is a concise formal statement that operationalizes principles that are valued by the University community.  In general, policies are either “threshold” policies (sets a standard) or “boundary” policies (sets a boundary) for the issue being addressed.  The following levels of policy work together to guide the operation of the University:

  • Board policy includes executive guidelines for the President and broad institutional policies;
  • Administrative policy provides direction for the development and monitoring of operational policies by the Cabinet;
  • Educational policies provide direction for the comprehensive educational curriculum and its content and quality.

Policy or Procedure?
Differentiated from “policy” as described above, a procedure is the process by which the policy is applied to specific situations.  Policies posted here may or may not include procedures.  If a procedure is not attached/linked to a policy, consult with either your supervisor or the Policy Sponsor.