Internship Requirements

Internship Requirements:

Hello all:  


I wanted to review the policy and protocol for internships now that you are needing to start the internship process.  The first thing you need to know is that it is never too early to begin looking and applying for an internship.  In particular, if you are planning on completing your internship this summer, you should start looking into internships now and applying.  If you are planning on completing your internship in the fall, then you should begin your looking and applying by no later than the summer before you plan to start your internship.  


One of the requirements of our process is that the student must identify and interview for their internship on their own.  However, faculty internships advisors are here to offer advice and help guide you as needed. To that end, please keep in mind that all internship placements have to be pre-approved by a faculty member before you begin.  Therefore, It is a good idea to discuss your ideas before you apply and ensure that they you have met all of the requirements (see below, Internship Requirements).


Steps to Completing Your Internship

  1. Take LDRS 175 Career Exploration for Freshmen and Sophomores (usually offered during the day or online in the fall).
  2. Identify and interview for an internship
  3. Get your internship pre-approved by a Public Policy Faculty Advisor.
  4. Get Application Form and Learning Agreement Form (found on my.jessup) filled out and signed by your Internship Supervisor before you begin.
  5. Enroll in a 3 unit Internship Course PPOL 475 during the semester you will be completing the internship (Note: if you complete your internship in the summer, you will enroll for a 4 unit PPOL 475 course and pay a course fee of $300).
  6. Schedule a site visit for the Faculty Advisor during course of internship.
  7. Have supervisor complete evaluation form at the end of your internship verifying that you have completed the required 135 hours. (Note: if you complete your internship in the summer, you will need to complete 180 hours)
  8. Submit an Evaluation of Organization form, along with a  five-page reflection paper, both of which are due on the last day of the class during the semester in which you complete your internship.


Internships Requirements

The Public Policy Department requires all students to complete a 135 hour internship for 3 units  (180 for 4 units if completed in the summer) as a graduation requirement..   Internships must be external (i.e. off-campus), public policy-related, and pre-approved by a faculty advisor.  Credit will not be applied for hours worked prior to approval by a faculty advisor.  Please note that the faculty advisor reserves the right to redirect a student to a different placement if the student began working before seeking pre-approval by the faculty advisor.


In addition, the workplace supervisor must approve and complete an evaluation at the end of the semester. The faculty advisor will check in with the supervisor via phone at the midpoint of the internship and conducting site visits when possible.


To receive credit, the student must complete the Intern Evaluation of Organization form and a five page reflective paper (1250 words) on 1) their overall experience; 2) what the student learned from the internship; and 3) how the internship has informed their decision-making about a potential future career.  The paper is due to their internship faculty advisor by the last day of class of the semester in which the student is registered for the internship.

Students completing an internship for credit need to complete the Internship Application and the WJU Learning Agreement (found on the Public Policy “my jessup” page) prior to starting their internship.  Forms need to be turned into one of the Department Assistants (for 2017, Alex or Emily) as soon as possible, but in no case later than the start of the semester of your placement.


Internships are generally completed in junior year, or during the summer before senior year (see requirements for summer internships above).  Students completing their internships in the fall or spring must sign up for the Public Policy Internship Course (PPOL 475) during the semester they are completing their internship. Note that the internship must be started and completed DURING the semester for which the student is signed up for the course (or during the summer if appropriate). In other words, students may not spread the hours over more than one semester/summer.  Internships for credit may be paid positions, but students may not apply for an internship at an organization where they are already employed.  Students may complete more than one internship, but only one may be applied for credit, and the internship applied for credit must meet the requirements contained in this policy.


While the Department or the Office of Career Planning will offer suggestions regarding potential internships, students are required to select, follow up with, and interview at potential placements on their own without any direct assistance from their faculty advisor.


Students in the Public Administration and Criminal Justice concentrations will turn in their forms to Emily (who will manage paperwork flow), and Keith will serve as their faculty advisor.  Students in the Politics and Government and General Concentrations will turn in their forms to Alex, and Andrew will serve as their faculty advisor.  


One last note:  In addition to LDRS 175 (Career Exploration for Freshmen and Sophomores) and PPOL 475 (Public Policy Internship), all Public Policy students are required to take LDRS 375 (Career Development for Juniors and Seniors),which is a one-unit course that is best taken in Junior Year.