Prepare for Advising and Registration (A&R)

Welcome to William Jessup University! Here is an overview of the Advising and Registration (A&R) session if you are attending in-person. Below we walk you through the process so you know what to expect.


What is A&R (& how long will it take)?


A&R is step two of the New Student Orientation program and is an opportunity for new students to finalize their first semester of classes, learn about graduation requirements, and meet with Jessup’s faculty and staff.

  • Photos for your student ID are taken upon check-in.
  • Meet with academic advisers, housing, and financial aid counselors.
  • Make the first payment on tuition.

See the section on “How Do I Know Which Classes to Take?” for more information about your registration.



What do I need to do before attending A&R?


  • Complete Jessup 101. The link to sign in was sent with your Admission checklist.
  • Register for parking: If you plan to park on campus, complete the Parking Permit Application. If you will not be parking on campus, complete the Parking Waiver.
  • Submit an application for housing or commuter status: Log onto the Housing Portal.
  • Complete any outstanding Financial Aid Documents in your Student Portal. To log in, see “How Do I Log Into My Student Portal?” below.


Do I have to finalize my registration in person or can I do it online?


We love meeting our new students in person and there are several options to either come to campus for New Student Advising and Registration or to meet with your advisor via phone. However, if you have successfully completed the Jessup 101 online orientation and feel that you understand everything that was presented, you do not need to complete anything else.     


I am a Student Athlete. When can I move in?

Student athletes must complete steps 1 and 2 of New Student Orientation (Jessup 101 and A&R) prior to moving in. Athletes will not be permitted to move in or participate in team practice until these have been completed.


Do my parents have to attend?


While parent attendance is not mandatory, parents are welcome. We host a Parent Session at each in person New Student Advising and Registration day just for them! Some students find it helpful to have their parents present, especially for financial aid questions.  Parents are welcome to view our parent online resources.


How do I know which classes to take?


You have been REGISTERED in classes for Fall 2018. These courses include any required first-semester courses and other selected courses that fulfill requirements for your degree completion.

To view your courses, visit  and log in to your Student Portal using the example format below:

Username: firstname.lastname (e.g. willie.jessup)

Password: willie.jessup1234 (last 4 #s of your Student ID as listed on your acceptance letter)

If you would like to make changes to your classes, you will have an opportunity at A&R to meet with an academic adviser and adjust classes to fit your schedule.

Important: Completion of Jessup 101 and A&R is REQUIRED (in-person or scheduled phone appointment) in order to confirm your classes and complete the registration process. Non-attendance will result in your classes being dropped.

We are happy to assist you and look forward to meeting you during the New Student Orientation process!

Registration Fine Print

Billing Statements Provided at A&R and on your Student Portal

*Please note that class registration, financial aid and billing statements are NOT final at the time of registration.
FINANCIAL AID: To ensure your financial aid can be completed, please check the Doc Tracking section of the student portal and complete any Financial Aid items listed as NEEDED as soon as possible. For Financial Aid questions, contact 916.577.2233.
BILLING: As a reminder, the first tuition payment for the Fall 2018 semester is due by August 1. For billing questions, contact
HOUSING: When housing assignments are completed, the Housing Department will notify students by email of their room assignments. Students attending an in-person A&R session will receive their student ID card, which is needed for access to most campus housing areas, on the same day.  Students arranging a phone A&R appointment will receive their student ID card if they are living on campus on August 24, move-in day.  Students living off campus will receive their student ID cards on the first day of classes, August 27.


How do I log in to my Student Portal?


1. Access the WJU Student Portal. Log in using your Jessup username and password.

User Name: firstname.lastname

Password: firstname.lastname1234    (last 4 digits of Student ID)

2. Select the registration term. 


I still have questions about New Student Orientation and/or A&R. Who can I contact?


Advising & Registration (A&R) Specific Questions: Contact the Registrar’s Office at (916) 577-2244 or email

New Student Orientation Program Questions: Contact the Orientation and Transitions Office at 916-577-2321 or email