Spring 2019 Meal Plans

Spring 2019 Meal Plans

The last day to change your meal plan for the upcoming Spring 2019 semester is January 1st.

Returning Students: Your current Fall meal plan will automatically roll over into Spring unless the Meal Plan Change Request form is submitted. Please note that when completing this form to select “Spring 2019” as the term to change your meal plan. If you are keeping the same meal plan you do not need to fill out the form. 

Things to keep in mind:

  • All campus residents are required to participate in a campus meal plan.
  • The 19 Meal plan is the minimum required plan for all first time/first year students living in the residence halls. This requirement is for the whole academic year.
  • Meal plan options correspond to your living area assignment.

SP-19 Meal Plan Change Deadline: January 1, 2019

Meal Plans cannot be lowered or cancelled after this date. Meal plans can be added or upgraded at any time during the semester.

Meal plan cost sheet:

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