Checking-Out for Fall?

Checking-Out for Fall?

Check-Out Procedures:

  • Must be gone 24 hours after the last Final exam. The final deadline to move out is Saturday, December 14, 2019, by 9:00 AM.
  • If a room has an open bed space (i.e. not assigned a person but will get a person after the break [all open spaces will get a person], that space must be cleaned and ready for a new resident).

If you are Not Returning for the Spring:

  • If a person is moving out (withdrawing, moving to a new room, etc.) space must be ready and prepared for a new person.
  • Students that are NOT returning to their room in the Spring semester MUST sign up for a checkout time with the RA (on RAs door) by December 6.
  • If moving out, the key must be turned in to Student Life or you will be charged $50.

Notable Fines/Charges:
Checkout Fines:

  • Not signing up for a check out time by December 6 – $50.00
  • Late for check out $25.00 per hour
  • Not attending/filling out online JCM $25.00

Cleaning Fines:

  • Failure to prepare the room for a new roommate – Depends on the severity
  • Failure to clean your room & common area – $50.00
  • Not removing trash in room or common areas – $50.00 per incident


  • Missing screen – $70.00 per screen
  • Wall damage – Begins @$10.00
  • Not turning in room/apartment key to Student Life – $50