Room Change Request

Need to make a change? We have a process for that. 

The Office of Residence Life and Housing must approve all room change requests for on-campus housing.  A student who would like to request a room change
will submit a Room Change Request.  Once the form is submitted, the Housing Coordinator will forward your request to your respective Residence Director.  You will discuss your request with the Residence Director and explain why you want to move, and if the reasons involve a conflict, the Residence Director may walk you through finding a resolution.

All room change requests are subject to approval by the Residence Life and Housing Office.

If a room change request is approved, the student requesting to move will be contacted by Residence Life and Housing ( to process the request.  Room Changes are to be completed Friday to Monday.  Students must complete their move within the alotted 48 hours and return their old room key to the Residence Life and Housing Office by the following Monday before 12:00 p.m., noon.  Failure to return the old room key by the deadline may result in the moving student getting charged $50.00 for an improper checkout or a lock change to be completed on their old room lock.

Submitting a room change request does not guarantee approval.  Students who change rooms without written permission from the Residence Life and Housing Office may be fined $100.00 and be subject to additional disciplinary action; even if the change is within the same suite or apartment.

When can I request a change? **The “Room Change Period”**

The room change process is suspended at the beginning of each semester.  This is called the “room freeze”.  Once out of room freeze, (September 5 in the fall and January 20 in the spring) students can follow the above process.  Per room change period, there will be no movement during the final exam periods, unless students are leaving for the semester or moving out.

 The dates:
*Fall Semester = September 5 through November 15
*Spring Semester = January 20 through March 20

**Room Change Fee Approved room changes outside of the room change period will be assessed a fee of $30.00.  The fee will be charged to the account of the student requesting the room change.  During the room change period there is no fee assessed for a room change period when all appropriate steps are followed.  If a room change happens outside of the room change period, Residence Life and Housing can waive the change period fee if applicable and approved by the Director of Residence Life.

Financial Impact

Charges will be prorated if the rates of your former and current space are different.

Process of Moving

When a room change is approved and you have stated your preferences clearly, the Residence Life and Housing Office will offer the move via email.  You will have 48 hours to accept or decline. If you accept the offer, you’ll have 48 hours to check out from your former housing assignment and move into your new assignment (you will work with your Residence Director and the Housing Coordinator on dates, generally and in most cases, moves will happen on Friday and to be completed Monday). If you decline or don’t respond to the offer, your application will be closed and an assumption will be made that  you do not want to move.