Residence Life & Housing Professional Staff

The Residence Life and Housing team is excited to serve and live along side you as you experience growth and vocational pursuit here at Jessup University.  Our hope is that the residential communities prepare you to lead extraordinary lives by integrating learning and spiritual growth. We contribute to your transformative education by offering holistic programs, services and environments fostering your involvement, responsibility, and leadership. We will provide safe, secure, and inclusive residential communities where students, staff, and faculty can and will integrate key academic, social, spiritual, and recreational experiences.  If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to email.

Director of Residence Life & Housing
Brandon Farmer
**Strengths: Communication / Includer / Maximizer / Belief / WOO**


Housing Coordinator
Julie Orth
**Strengths: Discipline / Responsibility / Consistency / Deliberative / Strategic**

Village Residence Director (Rispoli, Tiffin, and Phillips Residence Halls)
Becky Yaholkovsky
**Strengths: Individualization / Empathy / Maximizer / Connectedness / Learner**

Village Assistant Residence Director (Tiffin Hall) & Community Life Coordinator
Spencer Slater
**Strengths: Adaptability / Ideation / Relator / Restorative / Arranger**


Sunset Hall Residence Director
Jacob Baquing
**Strengths: Strategic / Belief / Developer / Futuristic / Ideation**

The Block (Apartments) Residence Director
PC Walker
**Strengths: Connectedness / Ideation / Learner / Intellection / Belief**