Semester Break Housing Information


Buildings officially close at 10:00am on Saturday, December 9, 2017 and residents are required to officially check out with their RA. Fines will be assessed for students who do not properly check out. No students will be permitted to remain in the Village residence halls (Phillips, Rispoli, Tiffin) or Sunset Hall over Christmas break. Card access for the entrance and wing doors is not active so please be sure you take any personal belongings with you that you will need during break. If you are not returning home for break, please make alternative housing arrangements. Athletes who live in the residence halls and are required to return early for competition and students with extenuating circumstances, are also encouraged to make alternate arrangements. Please contact the Housing Office in Student Life (or by email at to discuss additional options if you have a significant need.

*Meal plans are not active and Crossroads Cafe and the Shack will be closed during this time.


The Apartments will remain open during the break, but there will be no open apartment hours. Residents found in violation of the open apartment visitor policy will be subject to judicial action and the possibility of losing their privilege to remain on campus during the break. Apartment residents staying over the break are required to submit a Christmas housing petition to ensure residence life staff knows who is on campus for safety and security reasons.

*Meal plans are not active and Crossroads Cafe and the Shack will be closed during this time, so meals are “on your own”.

ALL STUDENTS… How to prep your room for break:

If there is an open space in your room or apartment, it is very possible that a new or transfer students will be assigned to that space for the Spring semester. Please make sure that your room is ready for a new roommate before you leave. Do not leave any valuable personal items in your room while you are gone. Also, all appliances and electronics must be unplugged and perishable items removed from the common areas and refrigerator. A checklist will be distributed on your door when you return from Thanksgiving to help you properly check out for break.


If you fall into one of the following categories (December graduate, withdrawing or taking a leave of absence from WJU, studying abroad), or your petition to be released from your housing contract has been approved and you are not returning to housing in Spring 2017, you must be officially checked out no later than 10:00am on Saturday, December 9, 2017. Please see your RA to schedule a check-out time.