FAQ’s- Room Selection

When will I get to select my room?

Room Selection information has been posted here. You will receive your selection timeslot via your Jessup email account. Each person in your group will receive a timeslot. You will want to log-in during the earliest timeslot within your group.

What if I can’t attend my selection time?

Only one person from your group is required to log-in to select and you will select through the housing portal so you do not need to be on campus.

What rooms will I be able to choose from?

Please see the Room Selection information to see which building location you are eligible to live in. You will need to select a room from within that building during Room Selection.

Can I live with roommates who are a different class level?

You will participate in a “group” during Room Selection. Those in your group must be eligible to live in the building you are signing up for. See the Room Selection information for more details about building eligibility.

The roommate(s) I want to live with next year are studying abroad or on a leave of absence this semester. How can I submit their information during Housing Selections if they are not here?

Current Study Abroad students and students on an official Leave of Absence are eligible to participate in the Housing Process and Room Selection. They will need to complete the same items you have to so make sure they submit their Application for Housing and housing deposit by the application deadline.

Am I required to have a meal plan?

Yes. All residents are required to elect a meal plan.

How and when do I elect my meal plan?

Since meal plan options are different based on which Jessup housing you live in, Meal Elections will be done in your housing portal after Housing Selections are complete. We’ll send an email with a reminder if you haven’t completed it by mid-summer!

How do I pay my deposit?

Deposits need to be paid in the Student Accounts office and a receipt of your deposit will need to be brought to the Student Life office in order for you to continue your application. Online credit or debit card payments are not available through my.jessup.