Do the laundry machines take dollar bills and/or credit cards?

Laundry machines (washers and dryers) take quarters and have a cashless option.

Pay Range Wash PayRange


Where can I go to get quarters?

Jessup has two change machines in the Student Union.  


When will I get to select my room?

Room Selection information has been posted here. You will receive your selection timeslot via your Jessup email account. Each person in your group will receive a timeslot. You will want to log-in during the earliest timeslot within your group.


Can I change rooms?

Yes, the Office of Residence Life and Housing must approve all room change requests for on-campus housing.  A student who would like to request a room change will submit a Room Change Request online.  Once the form is submitted, the Housing Coordinator will forward the request to move to the respective Residence Director.  The Residence Director will discuss the request with the student.  The room change process is suspended at the beginning of each semester.  This is called the “room freeze”.  Once out of room freeze, (September 5 in the fall and January 20 in the spring) students can follow the “room change” process.  

The dates:

*Fall Semester = September 5 through November 15

*Spring Semester = January 20 through March 20

**Room Change Fee – Room changes outside of the room change period will be assessed a fee of $30.00.  The fee will be charged to the account of the student requesting the room change.  During the room change period there is no fee assessed for a room change period when all appropriate steps are followed.  If a room change happens outside of the room change period, Residence Life and Housing can waive the change period fee if applicable and approved by the Director of Residence Life.


Can I get excess furniture removed?

Each room in campus housing is furnished to meet the basic needs of the students. University-owned furniture may not be moved in or out of rooms.  This includes exchanging furniture with another room or residence, etc.  In addition, residents with lobby/lounge area furnishings or other university furnishings in their possession will also be subject to a fine and possible judicial action.  Shelves built from boards and bricks or blocks are not allowed due to possible earthquake hazard. University furniture must not be placed on balconies. The RD must approve any desired room furniture not provided by the university. Any furniture/equipment needed for medical/disability reasons must be approved by the Housing Office.  All personal furniture (couches, shelves, etc.) not removed at the end of the year will result in fines and will become the possession of the University. Residents must not place furniture in front of windows and thus possibly block entrance to fire fighters in the event of a fire.


Where can I get a vacuum?

  1. Every Village Residence Hall has a vacuum, a student can ask their RA.
  2. Sunset Residence Hall RD office has vacuums that can be checked out.
  3. The Block or Apartment residents provide their own vacuum or request to borrow a neighbor’s vacuum


Are cleaning supplies, toilet paper, trash cans, shower curtains, etc... provided to apartment residents?

No, if assigned to an apartment room, the resident is responsible for providing shower curtains, toilet paper, trash cans, and cleaning supplies for the apartment.  Resident will also be responsible for taking out all trash to designated trash containers located in the apartments garage area.


Does William Jessup have high definition cable television on campus?

At this time, William Jessup University does not offer cable or satellite television.  If a student desires local network television, they can purchase in indoor HD antenna that can be plugged into most flat screen televisions.  Jessup does offer high speed internet for other viewing solutions.  


What if I can't attend my selection time?

Only one person from your group is required to log-in to select and you will select through the housing portal so you do not need to be on campus.


What rooms will I be able to choose from?

Please see the Room Selection information to see which building location you are eligible to live in. You will need to select a room from within that building during Room Selection.


Can I live with roommates who are a different class level?

You will participate in a “group” during Room Selection. Those in your group must be eligible to live in the building you are signing up for. See the Room Selection information for more details about building eligibility.


The roommate(s) I want to live with next year are studying abroad or on a leave of absence this semester. How can I submit their information during Housing Selections if they are not here?

Current Study Abroad students and students on an official Leave of Absence are eligible to participate in the Housing Process and Room Selection. They will need to complete the same items you have to so make sure they submit their Application for Housing and housing deposit by the application deadline.


How do I select a meal plan?

Meal plans are selected within the housing application. More information on meal plans can be found here.


Can I change my meal plan?

Meal plans cannot be lowered or removed after the deadlines but can be increased or added by using the Meal Plan Change Form

For deadlines go here


I’m a freshman, do I have to stay on the 19 block all year long?

As stated in the Terms and Conditions, the 19 Meal plan is the minimum required plan for all first time/first year students living in the residence halls.  This requirement is for the whole academic year.  Students may increase their meal plan at any time. Students may decrease or cancel their meal plan based on the dates set by Residence Life & Housing staff and posted here. Meal plan usage is not available outside of contract periods (the week of Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, and spring break).


Can I cancel my housing contract?

No, withdrawal from the university, graduation, marriage, military deployment, or acceptance to study abroad are the only accepted reasons for canceling this contract.  The student must notify the Residence Life and Housing Office (RLH) via their William Jessup e-mail account of their intent.  Residents who withdraw from school must also notify the Registrar Office and officially check-out with the Residence Life and Housing staff.  


How do I become a commuter?

Commuter status must be established before the fall semester. A student cannot change from residential to commuter half way through the year because the housing contract if a full academic year contract.  If a student desires to be a commuter, the commuter policy is listed here.


What if I lose my key?

If the student loses their key, they will be expected to have his/her lost key issue addressed in the Office of Student Life as soon as possible.  The cost for a lost key replacement is $50.


What happens when I get married?

Per the “Terms and Conditions” of your housing contract, marriage is an reason for canceling the housing contract.  The student must notify the Residence Life and Housing Office (RLH) via their William Jessup e-mail account of their intent.  The student must supply a copy of a valid marriage license for record.


Does Jessup offer accommodations?

For information regarding Disability Support Services click here.


Are all students required to live on campus?

Yes. All students are required to live on campus unless they meet the Commuter requirements.  Those requirements can be found here. Every undergraduate student should classified as a on-campus residential student or a commuter student.


How do I pay my deposit?

Deposits need to be paid in the Student Accounts office and a receipt of your deposit will need to be brought to the Student Life office in order for you to continue your application. Online credit or debit card payments are not available through my.jessup.