Residency Requirement/Commuter Policy

All students are required to live on campus unless they meet the following requirements and have a completed and approved Application for Commuter Status on file with the Office of Student Life.

Students who are married or living at home with parents are free to live off campus. Student life may grant additional exceptions to live off campus if:

  • the student is 22 years old or older;
  • the student’s parents request permission for the student to live with a close relative who has an established home in or near Rocklin; (see steps below)
  • living off campus for health reasons is required by a physician (documentation is needed) or;
  • the student has more than 90 units;
  • the student is participating in an off-campus program, internship, or student teaching.

Financial aid policies state that “institutional aid may be coordinated to create a package of up to 50% of tuition for commuter students and up to 100% of tuition for students living on campus.”

Want to apply for commuter status? Please complete the online application CLICK HERE


If a student’s parent/guardian needs to request permission for the student to live with a close relative/family member who has an established home in or near Rocklin.  The process for making this request consists of two steps:  1) Apply for commuter status in the housing portal 2) Within the commuter application the student needs to print out the Parent/Guardian Permission to Commute sheet and submit it within the application.

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On campus priority
The residence hall and apartment communities are set up programmatically for traditional-age students.  RLH considers both age and units when making housing placements.  The experiences in the halls and apartments will prepare students to lead extraordinary lives by integrating learning and spiritual growth.

Residence Life and Housing contributes to students’ transformative education by offering holistic programs, services and environments fostering student involvement, responsibility and leadership.  William Jessup University does not offer housing in the residence halls or apartments to married students or students with families. All residential living areas are based on availability.  

Priority will be given to traditional undergraduate students 23 years old or less who fall under the residency requirement and are undergraduate students.

Students outside of this age range may request special approval from the Director of Residence Life and Housing, if approved, be housed based on availability.

Returning residential students who exceed the age minimum who are currently housed on-campus may continue to apply for housing each year and their applications will be reconsidered pending availability.