The Block

Apartments (The Block):

The on campus Apartment complex includes all of the amenities needed for upperclassmen living. It provides the highest level of independence we have available while still being conveniently located on campus and integrated in the Jessup Community. Living in the Apartments allows students to learn more responsibilities and prepare them for adulthood. Each Apartment will have between 8 and 9 students. Predominantly all upperclassmen. 


Underground parking garage
Fully air conditioned
High speed internet
Community grill

What Is Included In The Apartment:

4 bed 2 bath
Twin extra-long bed and mattress per student
Desk, chair, wardrobe, and 3 dresser drawers per student
      *Triple room apartments only have two desks
Shared living space
Complete kitchen with a refrigerator, electric stove, and dishwasher
Laundry facilities located on each floor

Room Capacity:  double or triple

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