Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions for the Student Accounts Office:

When is the payment due date?  

  •  You will be notified of payment due dates via email from the Student Accounts Office with plenty of warning before the start of the term. However, payment due dates usually range between 1-3 weeks before the first course start date for the semester.

What form of payment do you accept?  

  • We accept payment in the form of an e-check online in the Student Portal, or at
  • We also accept payment in the form of check, cash, or cashier’s check in the main office
  • **We do NOT accept payment in the form of debit or credit card

What if I can’t pay the full balance?  

  • WJU offers a Deferred Payment Plan.  This plan allows you to divide the balance due into three payments.    
  •  In order to be eligible for this payment plan, you need to complete the Deferred Payment Plan Application found here:
  •  Please note: there is a $50 fee for using the Deferred Payment Plan and your student portal will not reflect that you are on the Deferred Payment Plan.

What if I have questions for the textbook program, Textbook Butler?  

  • If you have any questions pertaining to a textbook order or return, we are not able to help
  • Please contact with questions

My account is missing meal plan and/or housing charges. What should I do?

As of today, housing and meal-plan charges may not be updated correctly. Our department cannot help with these charges. If you have any questions on this topic, please contact Student Life to make sure your account is adjusted correctly at

What is the “Student Services Fee” on my account for?

The Student Services Fee enables the University to support students‘ through the departments of Student Development, Library Services, Information Technology and more.
Student Development leads programs involving student ministries, commuter and residential student activities, and student counseling services.
The Library provide electronic resources, the writing center, title IX support, computer usage, independent study room rentals and more.
The IT Department provides support for students‘ personal computers through individualized assistance, anti-virus protection, and printing costs.
Brand new for Fall 2016, we are expanding our intramural program, weight room access, a wellness programming, increased writing center help & increased library hours.