Meet The Team

One of the most important things to us as Student Government is to communicate with all of you, so to help set off that communication, read below to learn a little bit more about your 2016-2017 Student Government team.


President: Brandon Wright

Hi, my name is Brandon Wright and I am a Junior here at Jessup and the current Student Government President.  I am a Business major with a focus in financial accounting.  After Jessup I am looking to pursue a career as a lawyer.  On top of being the Student Government President, I am also a member of the Cross Country team.  I am really looking forward to implementing change here at Jessup to improve both the campus and student life.  We are always looking for things that we can improve around Jessup.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at  

Vice President: Sara Todd

Sara Todd is a Sophomore currently from Lincoln, CA. She is currently pursuing a degree in Public Policy with a double minor in Creative Arts and Bible and Theology. This is her first year serving on student government. Aside from Student Government, she is also involved with Choir and Creative Arts, is a Jessup Ambassador, and works part-time in the Admissions Office. Some things Sara is passionate about include opening the oncampus gym to everyone and extending open hours in Sunset Hall. To reach Sara, you can email her at Sara is very excited to continue to serve the student body, especially representing the Class of 2019. Go Warriors!


Business Manager: Tony Marsella

Hi my name Tony Marsella and I am a Junior.  Growing up magicians intrigued me and to this day I desire moments of suspended disbelief, when a seemingly mundane coin could travel through thin air. This life we live is fascinating and it would be a shame to ever let it become mundane. I am a student of life and find purpose in seeing others pursue their passions by encouraging them to become the best of themselves. Studying Kinesiology here at Jessup broadens my perspective of the way life works and how I can address the needs of those around me. As your Student Government Business Manager I enjoy what I do, learn, and get to be actively involved in making the mundane eliminating investments the Jessup student body needs.  If you have any questions feel free to email me at .


Senior Representative: Josh Jackson

I’m Josh Jackson and I’m your senior representative. I’m a senior and I’m trying to figure out what life will hold after Jessup just like the rest of you seniors. I’m a double major in both the Pastoral Ministry program and the Business Administration program. I’ve been at Jessup since my freshman year of college. In my free time (free time? what is that?) I enjoy playing video games, reading up on new scientific discoveries and developments, and hanging out with people. If you’re a senior here at Jessup and you’ve noticed a need on campus please don’t hesitate to contact me.  My email is .  I’m looking forward to this year and I hope you are too!


Junior Representative: Richard Brown Jr.

Richard Brown Jr. is the William Jessup University Junior Representative for Student Government. Currently living in Lincoln California, he has had the opportunity to live all along the West Coast as well as in Texas. He is a Public Policy student also minoring in Bible and Theology. Prior to attending William Jessup University, Richard Brown served in the United States Air Force. He is now a part of the Reserve component of the Armed Forces and is a member of the Veteran’s Club on Campus. This is his first year in student government, where his goals are centered around improving the lives for those that live on campus and commuters. Richard is focused on getting new paved parking established for student parking areas. If you have any questions of recommendation he would like to know. To reach Richard, you can email him at Let’s get it Warriors!


Sophomore Representative: Samantha Gutierrez

Sam Gutierrez is a sophomore from San Dimas, Ca. She is currently studying business management with a double minor in Creative arts and bible and theology. Aside from student gov. she is involved in Choir and visual arts, and is a student ambassador. Some things Sam is passionate about are nourishing the community we have as a student body and improving it as well as being an active rep for the sophomore class. You can contact Sam at . Thanks so much have a great weekend!

Freshman Representative: Mekayla Sandoval

Mekayla Sandoval is a current freshman and is from Hemet, CA, which is in the San Diego area! She is majoring in Liberal Studies in hopes to be a kindergarten teacher! She is involved in the University Choir and Orchestra, playing Bass Clarinet! She’s huge lover of the Air Force and all things dog related! She also works part-time in the Admissions Office, which she loves! Even though this is her first year on student government, she is very passionate about making freshman year an awesome and exciting experience for all freshman!! To reach Mekayla, you can email her at . She is very excited to see all the wonderful experiences she can help the freshman class make! Go Class of 2020!

Off-Campus Representative: Jordan Uli

Jordan Uli is a Sophomore/Junior who is commuting from Roseville, CA. He is a Public Policy major and works full time at FedEx Express. This is Jordan’s second year being a Commuter Representative, and as a part of Student Government last year,  was able to have a commuter fridge put on campus. This year Jordan is focused on serving the commuters, whether it be through community-building events or increased communication about what is going on around the campus. If you would like to contact Jordan, feel free to email him at Also, you can reach him on the commuter Snap Chat at wju-commuters. Jordan is thankful that he can be on Student Government and is excited about serving his fellow commuters.