Vehicle Code

This vehicle code applies to all vehicles operated on the William Jessup University campus and properties under its control for educational or residential purposes.  The operation of a motorized vehicle, bicycle, roller blades, or skateboard on the WJU campus is a privilege granted by the university administration to facilitate vehicular movement, maximize parking, and enhance safety.  It is the expectation of the university that employees, students, and visitors will comply with this vehicle code for the sake of safety and consideration of others.

Article 1: Statement of Policy

Section 1
The following regulations apply to all students, employees, guests and visitors of the university.

Section 2
All individuals who operate a vehicle on the WJU campus agree to:

  1.   Obtain, read, and abide by the vehicle code of WJU.
  2.   Be currently registered, licensed and insured in accordance with California law.
  3.   Will hold the university and its employees exempt from all claims of injuries to persons or damage to property.
  4.   Obtain a WJU issued parking permit by the add/drop date of any semester of enrollment.
  5.   Will update WJU as to any changes to vehicle information or residency status.

Section 3
WJU neither warrants the safety of vehicles nor assumes the responsibility for loss due to theft, vandalism, accident, or damage while the vehicle is on university property.

Section 4
Campus Safety vehicles are exempt from rules and regulations in performance of office duties.

Section 5
All provisions of the California vehicle code (per CVC21111.3) are applicable on the university campus except as modified by the WJU vehicle code.


Article 2: Parking on Campus

Section 1
Handicap parking is reserved for disabled persons at all times. Only vehicles properly displaying a special handicap state license plate or state issued placard as pursuant to Section 22511.5 of the California State Vehicle Code are able to park in such designated spaces.  Vehicles illegally parked in a handicap space will receive a ticket/fine of $250.

Section 2
Illegal parking: No person shall stop, park, or leave running any vehicle, attended or unattended, in any of the following places:

  1.   On a sidewalk, lawn, or landscaped area
  2.   In a passageway, walkway, or doorway of any building
  3.   Blocking or obstructing handicap ramp or access
  4.  Posted fire lane
  5.  Red Zone
  6.    Parked or blocking driving lanes
  7.   Double parked or blocking other vehicles
  8.   Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant
  9.    Anywhere outside the “ring-road” (Atherton Way)

Section 3
Residential Parking: Residential parking is located throughout campus. Specific parking locations for commuters and residents will be published before the start of each school year.

  1.   Apartment parking spaces are reserved for apartment residents only.
  2.   Dorm specific parking is now located in the parking lot adjacent to Phillps and Rispoli halls.
  3.   Overnight guests of residents are required to submit their parking information to Campus Safety.


Article 3:  Driving on Campus

Section 1
Failure to obey: No driver shall disobey any traffic control sign, or roadway marking while on campus.

Section 2
Excessive speed: No person shall operate a vehicle exceeding 25 MPH.

Section 3
Unsafe passing: Vehicles stopped for pedestrians; passing without sufficient clearance; when view is obstructed.

Section 4
Permitted person(s) to ride where unlawful:

  1.   No driver shall allow any person(s) to ride on any vehicle or upon any portions thereof not designed or intended for the use of passengers.
  2.   No person(s) shall ride on top of any vehicle or upon any portions

Section 5
Hitching rides: No driver of a motor vehicle shall allow any person on a motorcycle, motorized bicycle, bicycle, roller skates, in-line skates, skateboard, or toy vehicle to be attached to a vehicle in any way.

Section 6
No driving on sidewalks, landscaped areas, off-road, Federally Protected wetlands, or Cross-country course of the university is permitted. Maintenance and Campus Safety staff is exempt in the performance of their duties.

Section 7
Helmets are required: The driver and any passenger on a motorcycle, scooter, moped, or motorized bicycle must wear a properly fitting safety helmet [per CVC27802 (A)]

Section 8
Sound amplification devices: No driver shall operate or permit the operation of a radio system on campus that can be heard 50ft or more outside the vehicle.

Section 9
Headsets or Earplugs: No person operating any motor vehicle or bicycle shall wear any headset or ear plugs in both ears while on campus. Hearing devices are exempt.

Section 10
Reckless Driving: No person shall drive any vehicle on university property in a manner demonstrating a willful or wanton disregard for the safety of any persons or property.

Section 11
Exhibition Speed: No driver(s) will race or break traction with the roadway surface while on university property.

Section 12
Failure to Obey Directions: No driver shall fail to obey any order, sign, or direction of any Maintenance or Campus Safety Personnel.

Section 13
Failure to Stop/evading: No driver shall fail to stop, evade, flee, or otherwise attempt to elude university personnel.

Section 14
Vehicle Alarms:  Any vehicle that has sounded for more than 15 minutes, or has produced a complaint directed to the Department of Campus Safety, will be in violation of excessive noise.

  1.   First offense will constitute a written warning.
  2.   Second offense could result in a warning and fine.
  3.   Third offense will constitute a fine with an order that the system must be adjusted with proof of repair or adjustment.
  4.   Fourth offense will constitute loss of parking privileges on campus until proper proof of repair or adjustment can be shown and the problem has been resolved.

Note: Failure to comply with Article 3, Sections 1, 10, 11, 12 may result in loss of driving and parking privileges, a $20 fine or both.


Article 4: Loss of Parking Privileges:

Section 1
Habitual Traffic Offender:

  1.  Any person(s) who has received three or more warnings from the university during the academic year (July 1- June 30).
  2.  Any person(s), students or employee that is in violation of, and does not comply in a timely manner with (Article 1, Section 2b), regarding current registration, license and insurance in accordance with California Law [California vehicle code, (per CVC 21111.3)].

Note: Any person(s) in violation of the above listed policy may face loss of all driving and parking privileges on the WJU campus and/or may be subject to a $20 penalty.



Article 5:  Fines

Section 1
Fines listed are for the offense of that violation.

5.1.1  No valid parking permit displayed      $20.00

5.1.2  Unauthorized use of disabled parking   $250.00

5.1.3  Parked in no parking space/area         $20.00

5.1.4   Parked in reserved space/ visitor parking / restricted lot    $20.00

5.1.5   Parked in two spaces    $20.00

5.1.6   Blocking driveway or access   $20.00

5.1.7   Blocking fire lane access $50.00

5.1.8   Driving on sidewalk, off-road, or landscaped area $50.00

5.1.9   Exhibition of speed, unsafe passing, or excessive speed $50.00

5.1.10 Reckless driving,  failure to obey directions , failure to stop $50.00

5.1.11 Failure to register vehicle information with WJU $100.00

5.1.12 Failure to keep vehicle registered according to state law $20.00

5.1.13 Habitual traffic offender                                                 $20.00

5.1.14 Vehicle alarm nuisance                                                   $20.00

Section 2
Payment of fines: Fines will be added to the student account. Offenders will have 20 days from the issue date to submit a parking citation appeal to the Campus Safety.


Article 6:  Stored, Abandoned, or Disabled Vehicles

Section 1
No faculty, staff or student may leave a vehicle unattended or parked for longer than ten days.

  1.      Vehicles that remain parked or unattended (not being used regularly) will be considered a “stored” vehicle. This vehicle will be issued a written notice and will have seven (7) days to remove the vehicle from campus.
  2.      Inoperable or abandoned vehicles may be towed away at owner’s expense. [Per CVC 22658 (A)].

Section 2
No student shall initiate major repairs of a vehicle on the campus without securing written permission from the Director of Campus Safety in advance of the work to be completed.

  •         If you change your engine oil, it must be disposed of according to city regulations, which means under no circumstances is waste oil to be poured on the ground, placed in a school dumpster, or flushed down a toilet.  Waste oil must be delivered to a recycling center.
  •         Dead auto batteries must also be disposed of legally; they may not be placed in or near the campus dumpsters.  Batteries must be delivered to an appropriate recycling center.


Article 7:  Parking Appeals

Section 1: Administrative Review
An administrative review of all citations will be granted if the appeal is made within 20 calendar days of the issuance of the citation.  A parking citation appeal form should be submitted to the campus security office by using the online appeals form on After a decision for the appeal has been rendered by the appeals committee, you will be notified in writing.

Section 2: Appeals committee
The appeals committee will be comprised of the Campus Safety Parking Officer, Lead Officer, and the ASB Judicial Officer, with the ASB Judicial Officer as chair of the committee. The appeals committee will report directly to the Director of Campus Safety.

Section 3: Appeals hearing
Appeals hearings will be performed to review all citation appeals on a weekly basis. Students may specifically request an in-person hearing. Student requesting an in-person hearing must also submit a written appeal using the online form with their request for an in-person hearing.