Shared room in Roseville, roommate replacement ~ $500/month

Hi there!

This ad is for a shared room in Roseville. The rent with all utilities is around $500 a month give or take. It varies up or down a few dollars each month.

I am graduating Jessup this semester and getting married in the summer. I’m going to be moving out of my apartment between mid-May and June 1st. Three other Jessup students and I are renting this apartment. If you were to rent this apartment you would be taking my place on the lease, which ends Sept. 6th, 2019, and sharing a room with another Jessup student. This is an all guy apartment.

It is two-bedroom, two bath apartment located in Roseville near the Galleria Mall. It’s an 8-10 minute drive from Jessup depending on traffic. This is a quiet apartment complex with a reserved parking spot that we take turns using.

If you have any questions or want to see the place, feel free to text me.

Jordan U.

This rental is available for Alumni and Current Students

Monthly Rent Payment Amount: $500

For additional Information about this room for rent post, please contact:
(916) 390-6365

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